Sidon of the Zora

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Sidon of the Zora

Quest Giver Yona
Location Zora's Domain
Reward Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water
Previous QuestNext Quest
"The Sludge-Covered Statue""A Crabulous Deal"
"A Token of Friendship"
"A Wife Wafted Away"
"Glory of the Zora"
"Secret Treasure under the Great Fish"
"The Blue Stone"
"The Fort at Ja'Abu Ridge"
"The Moonlit Princess"
"The Never-Ending Lecture"
"True Treasure"

"Sidon of the Zora" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


As part of the "Regional Phenomena" Main Quest, Purah asks Link to investigate strange happenings throughout Hyrule as part of the search for Princess Zelda.[2] After both "Tulin of Rito Village" and "Yunobo of Goron City" have been completed, she suggests visiting Zora's Domain next, since Monsters are more active in the south.[3]

After Link cleans The Turning Tide during "The Sludge-Covered Statue", Yona asks why he has come to Zora's Domain.[4] Upon hearing that he is searching for Zelda, she welcomes him to search for her in the Domain.[5] She also suggests that Link visit Sidon, who is currently at Mipha Court on Ploymus Mountain.[6] Once she leaves, "Sidon of the Zora" will begin.

A screenshot of Sidon at Mipha Court, which is covered in Sludge. Text on-screen displays his name, along with the title "Prince of the Zora".
Sidon's introduction

At Mipha Court, Link can find Sidon using his Power of Water to separate the Sludge from the Water. When he notices Link, he gasps and asks if it is really him.[7] Throwing his arms into the air, Sidon declares that it is good to see him.[8] He reveals that he was concerned when he heard that Link was missing and asks what happened to him.[9]

After hearing Link's story, Sidon voices his suspicions that the Sludge originates from the Sky Islands above the Lanayru Great Spring.[10] As a result of this, he asked Jiahto to investigate the fallen ruins, since it is necessary for him to keep the Water clean from Sludge.[11] Sidon suggests that Link visit with Jiahto at Toto Lake, believing that Zelda's disappearance may be related to the Sky Islands.[12] He reminds Link that he is grateful to see him again after spending so long apart, welcoming him to come visit whenever he wants.[13]

At Toto Lake, Link can start "The Broken Slate" Main Quest by speaking to Jiahto. After helping Jiahto restore the Stone Slate found there, he learns that he can access the Sky via a Watery Bridge, the location of which is revealed by shooting an Arrow with the "mark of the king" through a droplet in the "land of the sky fish."[14] He suggests that Link consult with Dorephan, which starts the "Clues to the Sky".[15] During this Main Quest, Link can find Dorephan in the Pristine Sanctum, where he reveals that he was attacked by a Sludge Monster commanded by Zelda.[16] In order to prevent chaos from spreading among the Zora, he hid himself away in the Sanctum.[17] He then informs Link that the "mark of the king" refers to a Zora King's Scale, which he willingly gives to him.[18] Lastly, Dorephan requests that Link inform Sidon of both the King's Scale and his current condition.[19]

Back at Mipha Court, Sidon is shocked to hear what happened to Dorephan, though he decides to listen when he says not to worry and thanks Link for telling him.[20] Noting that they have more clues pointing them toward the Sky, Sidon decides that they should attempt to find the "land of the sky fish" mentioned on the Stone Slate.[21] He then asks Link to inform him of any leads that he finds.[22]

After completing "Clues to the Sky", a Pillar of Light will appear at East Reservoir Lake.[23] Upon returning to Mipha Court, he will find Sidon speaking with Yona.[24] He insists that it is too dangerous for her, but she claims that she has something to discuss with him.[25] However, they stop their argument when Yona notices Link nearby, and Sidon asks for an update on his investigation.[26] Hearing that they are one step closer to accessing the Sky, Sidon commends Link for his work.[27] Yona suggests that Sidon join Link's search, claiming that he has been holding himself back.[28] She believes that by joining Link, he will be able to act freely and overcome any dangers they face.[29]

A screenshot of the Sludge Like at Mipha Court. Text on-screen displays its name, along with the title "Ambusher of Mipha Court".
Sludge Like's introduction

While Yona attempts to find the cause for his concerns,[30] they are interrupted by the Sludge nearby beginning to move. The Sludge Like then appears, and Sidon wonders if it was the Monster that attacked Dorephan.[31] Yona claims that she and her attendants, Chroma and Khira, are capable of cleansing the Water for now, so Sidon leaves it to them while he and Link fight the Sludge Like.[32] Sidon offers to use his Power of Water to create a shield of Water around Link, which he can then attack the Monster.[33]

Once the Sludge Like has been defeated, Sidon will celebrate their victory.[34] He then turns to Yona, asking if she and her attendants are safe.[35] Yona confirms that they are fine, and out of concern, Sidon tells them to return to Zora's Domain.[36] Yona refuses, using the importance of Link's investigation as evidence that Sidon should accompany him.[37] Although Sidon is uncomfortable about leaving her in a potentially dangerous location, Yona insists that they will be fine.[38] Yona believes that he is acting this way because he is afraid of losing someone he loves again, but she claims that he needs to move forward with courage.[39]

When Sidon once again attempts to argue, Yona becomes angry, telling him that he must follow his heart and leave with Link.[40] Despite his hesitance, Yona is able to convince him to help Link.[41] He decides to go on ahead to the Pillar of Light.[42] Yona is relieved to see Sidon acting like his usual self, and she asks Link to take care of him.[43]

At East Reservoir Lake, Link can find Sidon on a piece of rubble overlooking the Pillar of Light.[44] At that moment, Link and Sidon hear a strange sound, and although Sidon is momentarily confused, he instead decides to focus on the Pillar of Light's origin.[45] He suddenly has an idea and jumps into the Lake's Water.[46] He uses his speed to create a Whirlpool, which reveals the entrance to a Cave on the lakebed.[47] Sidon directs Link to jump into the Whirlpool.[48]

The Whirlpool leads Link to the Ancient Zora Waterworks. By breaking the Hard Sediment clogging its pipes, Link can raise the Waterworks' Water level. This allows him to reach a Terminal on top of a large stone outcropping, which is the origin of the Pillar of Light. Once it is activated, a beam of light will shoot up towards Wellspring Island in the Sky, which causes the Watery Bridge to flow into East Reservoir Lake.

Back on the Surface, Sidon is shocked by the sudden appearance of the Watery Bridge.[49] He asks Link what happened,[50] and he realizes that this must be how they are meant to reach the Sky.[51] He commends Link for living up to his expectations.[52] Once again, a strange sound appears, and a voice beckoning them to the Sky can be heard.[53] In spite of his confusion, Sidon decides to continue on to the Sky.[54] Using the Zora Armor, Link is able to Swim up the Watery Bridge with him.[55][56]

At the top of the Watery Bridge, Link will land on Wellspring Island, which is located within a low-Gravity environment. Nearby, he can find Sidon admiring the ruins.[57] While he is curious, Sidon prioritizes dealing with the Sludge first.[58] He decides that they should temporarily split up for their exploration and runs ahead.[59]

By Swimming in Water Globules, Link is able to navigate Wellspring Island. Upon meeting with Sidon again, he remarks how light he feels in this environment.[60] Due to their unfamiliar situation, Sidon decides to stay with Link.[61] The pair then defeat a Captain Construct, which motivates Sidon to continue forward.[62] At the bottom of a nearby Waterfall, Sidon is able to identify the ruins from which is flows as the source of the Sludge.[63] He then tells Link to make sure he is prepared before they begin to explore.[64]

A screenshot of the Water Temple, a floating Sky Island from which Water flows.
The Water Temple

Once Link confirms that he is ready, the pair will Swim up the Waterfall.[65] Upon reaching the top, they will arrive at the Water Temple. Sidon is shocked that such a structure was above Zora's Domain.[66] He then sees what he believes to be the origin of the Sludge.[67] He also notices a stream of Water descending from one of the faucets behind the Sludge, which he thinks can be used on it.[68]

By activating the Terminal, the Water Temple's Travel Point will activate, and the Water Vessels behind the Sludge will tip toward it. Though this causes the Sludge to temporarily recede, to amount of Water splashed on it is not enough.[69] The voice speaks to Link and Sidon again, revealing that the Water Temple is the source of Zora's Domain's pure Water.[70] She instructs Sidon to use his Power of Water to activate the remaining four faucets, which will fill all of the Water Vessels.[71] Sidon decides that they should listen to the voice[72]

A screenshot of Link and Sigon fighting a Soldier Construct III together at the Water Temple.
Link and Sidon fighting together

If Link swings a Weapon at one of the Water Wheels while Sidon's Power of Water is active, it will begin to spin, which activates a faucet. As they activate faucets, Sidon will count down how many are left.[73][74][75] Once all five faucets are flowing, Sidon directs him to activate the Terminal once more.[76]

When the Water Vessels are tipped again, the Sludge will be successfully washed away, except for a glob that flies past Sidon and Link. Sidon is initially positive that they have saved Zora's Domain,[77] but he becomes concerned when he notices the Sludge behind them moving.[78] Mucktorok then reveals itself, and Sidon reasons that it must be the source of the Sludge.[79] Once it creates a Sludge shark, Sidon tells Link to prepare for its attack.[80]

Once Mucktorok has been defeated, the remaining Sludge will disappear from the Water Temple, including that which is covering a Secret Stone. A Heart Container also appears for Link. When Sidon approaches the Secret Stone, it will suddenly shrink in size and rush toward him. Though he stares at it for a moment, Sidon eventually touches it, which causes him and Link to be engulfed in light.

The pair find themselves in an unknown realm with the Sage of Water standing before them.[81] Sidon recognizes that her voice was the one guiding them, and she reveals that she is an ancestor of his from the ancient past.[82] In her time, she was a Sage who served Rauru, the first King of Hyrule.[83] Based on Sidon's fluid movements as he fights, the Sage of Water declares her pride for him.[84] She claims that Mucktorok was a servant of the Demon King Ganondorf that was sent to prevent him from obtaining her Secret Stone.[85] She decides that it is important he knows the history of the Imprisoning War.[86]

The Sage of Water shows Link and Sidon a vision of Hyrule's earliest days. In this time, the Demon King Ganondorf appeared and attempted to destroy Hyrule.[87] Rauru and the Six Sages gathered together to face him, and they were given Secret Stones to enhance their powers.[88] However, they were unable to defeat the Demon King, so Rauru sacrificed himself to seal him away.[89]

Following the Imprisoning War, the Sage of Time came to visit the Sage of Water at the Water Temple.[90] She revealed that the Demon King Ganondorf will break from his seal in the distant future, but a swordsman named Link will fight him.[91] The Sage of Time asks the Sage of Water to lend her control over Water to him,[92] which makes the future of the Zora clear to her.[93] She vowed that when the Demon King returned, a new Sage of Water would awaken among the Zora, and the Zora themselves will fight alongside Link.[94]

Once the vision ends, the Sage of Water states that this involves the destiny of the Zora.[95] Since the Demon King Ganondorf is still a threat, the Sage of Water asks Sidon to accept her Secret Stone and honor her vow.[96] After the Sage of Water disappears, Sidon is silent for a moment as he considers his destiny.[97] In order to save Hyrule, Sidon will decide to honor his ancestor's request.[98] The Secret Stone then turns blue as a new engraving appears upon it, and it adheres itself to the back of Sidon's hand.

As the new Sage of Water, Sidon demonstrates his new power by summoning a Sage Avatar of himself.[99] He then asks to take Link's hand,[100] which he holds as he makes the Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water.[101] As proof, his Vow will engrave itself upon a ring on the pointer finger of Link's Right Arm.[102] This allows him to summon Sidon's Sage Avatar.[103] Now that they are partners once more, Sidon decides that they should return to Zora's Domain.[104]

Around the Lanayru Great Spring, all of the Sludge can be seen disappearing, including that which has afflicted Dorephan. In the Throne Room, Yona welcomes Link's return, and Sidon points out that all of the Sludge has disappeared.[105] Dorephan expresses his gratitude toward Link for helping save Zora's Domain.[106] He also acknowledges Sidon's role, declaring that now is the time to pass the throne down to him.[107] Although Sidon is shocked by how sudden it seems, Dorephan claims that he has been thinking about it for some time.[108] He asks Sidon to lead Zora's Domain alongside Yona.[109] Sidon is still uncertain,[110] but after being reasured by Yona, he decides to accept his new status.[111] Glad to see Sidon's acceptance, Dorephan decides that Link should bear witness to his coronation.[112]

As the residents of Zora's Domain gather in the Square, Muzu calls for their attention.[113] Wearing his crown, Sidon declares that he is the new king of the Zora.[114] He asks his citizens to open their hearts to Yona, who has now become their queen as well.[115] The crowd cheers, and Yona commends Sidon, Link, and all of the Zora for surviving the onslaught of Sludge.[116] Since Hyrule is still in danger, Sidon asks the Zora to help Link, which is what he and Yona plan on doing.[117] At the end of their speech, the crowd cheers once more.

Returning to the Throne Room, Sidon recalls that the Sage of Time they saw in the Sage of Water's vision appeared to be Zelda.[118] He then wonders who the Zelda who attacked Dorephan could have been.[119][120] As a result, Sidon resolves to find the answer by asking her himself.[121][122] Although he is unable to leave as the new king, Sidon decides to start gathering information on his own.[123] He also requests that Link come visit Zora's Domain in the future, declaring that the two of the will always be connected.[124] If "Sidon of the Zora" is the last Main Quest completed during "Regional Phenomena", Dorephan will suggest that Link return to Lookout Landing.[125] Following this conversation, "Sidon of the Zora" will be completed.


Stage Description
1 After the Upheaval, sludge started pouring from the sky around Zora's Domain. That foul gunk has caused much suffering.

Yona, the Zora prince's fiancée, filled you in on the troubles at the domain. She asked you to meet with Sidon at Mipha Court on the summit of Ploymus Mountain.
2 You met with Sidon at Mipha Court. He has a hunch that the cause of the sludge is in the sky. In his search for answers, he ordered the Zora historian Jiahto to investigate ancient documents and the fallen ruins.

Speaking with Jiahto at Toto Lake may yield information about Princess Zelda.
3 Speaking with Jiahto and the Zora children led you to King Dorephan, who was injured when a Princess Zelda look-alike loosed a monster upon him. The phenomena troubling the Zora—the sludge, the monster, the princess—all seem connected to the sky.

Sidon will be eager to hear this news.
4 You relayed King Dorephan's story to Sidon. Both Princess Zelda's trail and the destructive sludge connect to the sky above the domain.

Your objectives align with Sidon's. If you find a clue about the watery bridge connecting the Zora to the sky, you should let him know.
4 A pillar of light appeared at East Reservoir Lake. The clues you gathered from the repaired stone slate suggest this will lead you to the watery bridge.

Sidon will want to hear about this. You can find him at Mipha Court.
5 When you told Sidon about the pillar of light at East Reservoir Lake, a sludge monster attacked.

Work with Sidon to repel the fiend.
6 You defeated the monster with Sidon's aid. Yona pushed the prince to confront his fear of loss, and he rose to the occasion. He is ready to investigate the watery bridge with you.

Sidon will wait for you near the pillar of light that appeared in East Reservoir Lake.
7 Sidon used his impressive swimming prowess to create a whirlpool in the lake, revealing some kind of entrance on the lake bed.

This may lead to clues about the watery bridge. Jump into the whirlpool and investigate.
8 Upon jumping into the whirlpool, you found a vast space filled with ancient ruins.

You may find a clue about the watery bridge among them.
9 When you activated a mysterious device in the Ancient Zora Waterworks, a jet of water erupted from the ruins high above.

Even a Hylian could climb the resulting waterfall by wearing the Zora armor.
10 Resolving to explore the sky island, you arrived at some vast ruins that may hide the answers you seek.

Follow Sidon, who went on ahead.
11 After climbing the waterfall and entering the ruins, you found the source of the sludge plaguing the Zora.

Sidon suggested that it may be possible to wash away the foul substance using the water in the enormous water vessels.
12 You poured water from the vessels onto the sludge, but it was inadequate to cleanse the area. It seems even more water is needed. A mysterious voice indicated locations that may be of assistance.

Work with Sidon to open all of the faucets.
13 When you washed away the sludge with the water vessels, a monster suddenly emerged from the muck. This must be the culprit behind the sludge!

It's time to work with Sidon to finish this.
14 You combined forces with Sidon to defeat the monster producing the sludge. What remained of the substance dispersed, taking the threat to the Zora along with it.

Sidon was left gazing at the strange stone that appeared when the sludge vanished.
Complete With the defeat of the fiend responsible for the sludge, the trouble afflicting the region was resolved. At the same time, Sidon awakened as a sage.

He promised to rally the domain to assist you, declaring that it's now the Zora's turn to help their hero.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
卓拉领地的希多 (Zhuōlā lǐngdì de xīduō)[126]
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  43. "Hee-hee... It seems Sidon has finally put his doubts behind him and returned to his usual fearless self. I am so glad. All this time he was clinging to regret over being unable to save his precious sister, Mipha... My poor, tormented Sidon. And to think he was unknowingly paralyzed from taking action because he feared losing me as well... Yet he has overcome this trial and placed his faith in me. At last, the Sidon I know and love has come back to me. Link... Please take good care of my dear Sidon. He is the sun in my sky." — Yona (Tears of the Kingdom)
  44. "So that is the clue for reaching the sky!" — Sidon (Tears of the Kingdom)
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