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The Silent Realms are locations in Skyward Sword.[1] Link accesses the realms by thrusting his sword on a Trial Gate, found by dowsing an area known to house a portal. The Silent Realms are test forced upon Link by the Goddesses so that he can claim proof of his spiritual growth.[2][3] Upon completion of each Silent Realm, Link is awarded a sacred treasure which allows him to traverse a region previously unexplored towards locating the Goddesses' Sacred Flames.[4] The treasures garnered by the Silent Realms include the Water Dragon's Scale at Faron Woods, the Clawshots in the Lanayru Desert, the Fireshield Earrings at Eldin Volcano, and the Stone of Trials at the last Silent Realm in Skyloft. The Sky Keep provides access to three isolated areas of Skyloft's Silent Realm where the individual pieces of the Triforce are located.

Features and Overview

Watchers patrolling the Silent Realm in Faron Woods

After playing the appropriate goddess' song upon the mark, Link will be taken into an alternate dimension of the region he is in, defenseless, and his spirit will have separated from his body.[5] To prove his spiritual growth and leave the Silent Realm, he will have to collect all fifteen Sacred Tears scattered around the region,[6] and store them in his Spirit Vessel, all without the help of Fi.[7][8][9] Link begins within a protective circle. However, the moment he steps outside of it, the realm's knight-like overseers, the Guardians, will awaken and give chase.[10] To emphasize the stealthiness required of Link in this trial, Watchers, ghost-like beings who carry lanterns, will be patrolling the area. Guardians exist in a dormant state as long as Link remains vigilant in collecting Tears. Guardians will awaken after one of three events occur: Link does not collect a Tear for 90 seconds;[11] he comes within range of a Watcher's lantern; or he stumbles upon Waking Water.[12] The nine-petaled flower at the top of the Spirit Vessel acts as a timer; each petal represents 10 seconds, and when all of the petals are shed, the Guardians awaken and begin to chase after Link. Every time the Guardians awaken, the stunning effect of the Tears is canceled until Link manages to find another. After only one hit from any Guardian, Link must restart the entire trial.[13] The locations of the Tears Link has collected will be marked on the Map, easing future attempts if Link fails the trial.[14]

To help him find the remaining Sacred Tears, Link can pick up a Light Fruit to reveal their locations, in a fashion similar to that of beacons, for 30 seconds.[15] After Link collects all fifteen Sacred Tears, he must safely return to the mark without being noticed by the Watchers or stepping Waking Water. Should Link be spotted by the Watchers or accidentally touch the Waking Water after collecting all fifteen Sacred Tears, it will be impossible to return the Guardians to their inactive state, so Link must take extra care not to let this happen on his way back to the starting point.[2]

Dusk Relics are strangely abundant in Silent Realms, and are the only Collectibles that exist during these events. Dusk Relics are needed for several upgrades. If Link does not receive the amount of Dusk Relics he needs after completing all of the Silent Realms, he can explore them again in Lanayru's Lightning Round to collect more.


  • The background music of a Silent Realm is a softer, more ethereal version of the corresponding area's usual theme.
  • Before release, the Silent Realm was known as the Siren Realm before it had a name change.[16] This explains why the Hylian letters around the protective circle in the Silent Realm spell out the word SIREN.[17]


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
サイレン (Sairen) (SSHD)[18]Siren
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
幽寂 (Yōujì) (SSHD) 
The People's Republic of China
幽寂 (Yōujì) (SSHD) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Rijk der Stilte (SSHD)[19]Realm of the Silence
The Federal Republic of Germany
Sairen (SS) 
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