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Sky Keep is the final Dungeon in Skyward Sword.[1]

Entrance to the Keep

Link discovers Sky Keep after successfully passing the Silent Realm challenge of the Goddess in Skyloft, which in turn is enabled after learning the complete Song of the Hero. Afterwards, Link receives the Stone of Trials, which he must insert into the empty hollow of a bird statue that contains an identical stone in one of its eye sockets. The statue then fires a cannon ball, which shatters parts of the land mass where the Statue of the Goddess sits, thus exposing the Sky Keep. It then shoots several orbs with Clawshot targets as their faces. Link can use his Clawshots to zip between the orbs and enter the dungeon.

Themes and Navigation

One of the terminals that allow the manipulation of the dungeon's structure

The dungeon is located underneath the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. It has eight rooms in total, and to navigate them Link must alter the building's structure by using several terminals throughout the dungeon which operate much like a Sliding Puzzle,[2] where he can basically complete the rooms in any order desired. Six rooms are designed in style and theme of each of the other six dungeons in the game, three of which contain access to pieces of the Triforce, which Link must collect by entering the Silent Realm. The other two rooms consist of the entrance and the room where one of the minibosses, Dreadfuse, is fought for a Small Key.

Some rooms have characteristics of more than one dungeon. For example, the Skyview Temple room has some drawings similar to those of the upper floor of the Ancient Cistern, the room where Dreadfuse is fought has many trees and plants like the first rooms of the Skyview Temple, as well as the interior of the Great Tree, and the Sandship room has some similarities with the Pirate Stronghold, like using a Timeshift Orb and walls appearing in the past.

After Link collects the three pieces of the Triforce, he is transported to the altar on the Statue of the Goddess and wishes for the destruction of Demise. Afterwards, the entire island containing both Sky Keep and the Statue of the Goddess breaks away from Skyloft and lands in the Sealed Grounds, where it is revealed to be a part of the Sealed Temple. When it falls, the Sky Keep destroys The Imprisoned by crushing it. Because of this, Sky Keep remains inaccessible for the rest of the game.


Minor Enemies


  • The Sky Keep is the only main dungeon in the series to not feature a main boss.
  • It is possible to skip the Earth Temple room completely through a combination of tile moves.
  • The audio theme of the upper area of Ancient Cistern, as well as both versions of the Sandship's outdoor theme are the only dungeon themes that aren't heard in Sky Keep. In the rooms corresponding to those dungeons, only the lower part's theme and the indoor area's themes are heard, respectively.
  • Sky Keep, alongside the Sandship, are the only two dungeons where Ghirahim doesn't appear nor was he involved at any point at all.
  • Like the other dungeons in this game, it is impossible to enter the Sky Keep at night.


Names in Other Regions
空の塔 (Sora no Tō) (SSHD)Sky Tower
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
空之塔 (Kōng zhī tǎ) (SSHD) 
The People's Republic of China
空之塔 (Kōng zhī tǎ) (SSHD)[4]Sky Tower
The Federal Republic of Germany
Turm des Himmels (SS)[3]Sky Tower
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