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The Skyloft Bazaar is a location in Skyward Sword.[1] It is an enclosed marketplace located in Skyloft. It features several Shops, or stalls, where Link can buy and upgrade items, as well purchase certain services. The stalls are operated by various inhabitants of Skyloft, known collectively as the Bazaar Peddler Association. The Bazaar closes at night.[2]


Scrap Shop

Main article: Scrap Shop

In the Scrap Shop, Gondo can Upgrade Link's items and equipment in exchange for Collectibles and Rupees. He will also repair Link's shields for a fee.

Potion Shop and Infusion Shop

Link can buy various Potions from Luv at the Potion Shop, and have Bertie upgrade them in exchange for bugs and Rupees at the Infusion Shop.


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Sparrot, the owner of the fortune-telling stand, is able to see the future. This can help Link proceed in his journey if he does not know where to go. Sparrot also has good insight and advises Link on what items and gear to bring on his journey. Finally, the fortune-teller can tell Link where and how to collect various collectibles throughout the world.[3]

Sparrot does not usually have many customers,[4] so he offers to read their first fortune for one single Rupee.[5] However, subsequent readings cost 10 Rupees each. If Link can promote enough business by discovering a crystal ball for Sparrot once his previous one is broken later in the game, Sparrot will look into Link's future for 5 Rupees each time.[6]

Gear Shop

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Rupin sells bombs, arrows and slingshot pellets at the Gear Shop. He will also receive new gear from time to time, such as weapons and shields, that Link can purchase. These can be taken to the Scrap Shop to be improved further.

Item Check

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The Item Check storage facility is run by Peatrice. Link can move items from his Adventure Pouch into storage and back to make the best use of his limited pouch space.[7][8] Link can also sort the items being held in the facility.[9] There is a limit to how many items Link can store, and is sometimes forced to find ways to clear up space.[10] One of the ways Link can do this is by selling items to Peatrice.


A restaurant run by Piper. Link cannot buy food here, but he can sit to talk to the patrons.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
商店街 (Shāngdiàn jiē) (SSHD)[12]Shopping Street
The French Republic
Marché couvert (SSHD)[11]Covered market
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