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The Smithy is a store in the Bazaar in Hyrule Warriors.[1] It becomes available once "The Sorceress of the Woods" Scenario has been cleared.[2]

Features and Overview

In the Smithy, there are four options that can be chosen to work with Weapons: fusing Weapons, removing Skills, appraising Sealed Skills, and selling Weapons.[3]

Skill on Weapons can be transferred to different Weapons through fusion.[4] In order to fuse Weapons, a Warrior must select a base Weapon which will receive a Skill and a source Weapon which will provide a Skill. Both Weapons must be of the same archetype and the Warrior must have the appropriate amount of Rupees, which are determined by the source Weapon and by the type of skills being transferred.[5] Upon fusing two Weapons, the base Weapon can only receive one Skill from the source Weapon, and the source Weapon will be destroyed in the process.[6][5] Only Weapons with empty Skill slots are permitted to serve as source Weapons, and Sealed Skills cannot be transferred to a different Weapon until unlocked.[7]

In addition to fusion, Skills may be removed from a Weapon to provide an empty Skill slot to work with.[8] All Skills cost 30,000 Rupees to remove, and Skills that have been removed cannot be restored.[9] Sealed Skills cannot be removed until they are unlocked.[10]

Warriors may also have Sealed Skills on their Weapons which cannot be moved off through fusion or removal. Sealed Skills can be appraised, which means to view what the hidden Skill at a rate of 10 Rupees for each KO required to unlock the Skill.[11][12] When a Sealed Skill is appraised, the game is saved. This prevents the appraisal process from being abused.

Finally, Weapons may also be sold at the Smithy, with their price varying based on the Skills and star rating that the Weapon has. Empty Skill slots do not contribute to the value of a Weapon and Sealed Skills only contribute once they have been unlocked.[13] The equation for the value of a Weapon is dependent upon Weapon's tier, number of stars (between 0 to 5), and the value of a given Skill. The formulas for these are:

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Weapon Equations
Weapon Tier Base Price Equation
Lv. 1 1000 1000+100(S)+X
Lv. 2 2000 2000+200(S)+X
Lv. 3 3000 3000+300(S)+X
S — the total number of Stars that a Weapon has (between 0 to 5).
X — the value of a given Skill.
† — if the Star count for a Lv. 3 weapon is 3, the value is 300(3)-1. All other cases follow naturally.


Names in Other Regions
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