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The "Song of Passing" is a Song in The Wind Waker.[1]

Learning Location

Conducted on the Wind Waker, the "Song of Passing" is learned on Windfall Island from the dancer Tott, who can be found on the hilltop. Once Link shows the Wind Waker to the charismatic dancer, Tott will remember the dance moves, and in return will teach the young hero the "Song of Passing".[2]


The "Song of Passing" allows Link to advance instantly from day to night and vice-versa. It is especially useful to pass time while waiting for a Figurine to be carved, or to change the phases of the Moon. Despite its usefulness, the "Song of Passing" is the only optional Song in the game.

The Song only functions when conducted in areas where the sun or Moon are visible, meaning it will not work indoors, while exploring a Dungeon, or in the underwater Hyrule.[3] It also cannot be used throughout the duration of Link's search for Jabun or inside the Forsaken Fortress before it is abandoned, due to Ganondorf's Magic blocking its effects.[4]


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