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The Legend of Zelda Zone is a The Legend of Zelda -themed Downloadable Content package in Sonic Lost World.[name references needed]


The Legend of Zelda Zone was made available for free for the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World on March 27, 2014.[citation needed] However, both it and the Yoshi's Island Zone were not officially released for the game's Windows port, which was due to Nintendo's licensing.[citation needed] Since the Wii U's version of the Nintendo eShop closed on March 27, 2023, it is no longer available for purchase.[1] With the discontinuation of the Wii U's online services on April 8, 2024, purchased copies of The Legend of Zelda Zone can no longer be downloaded.[2]


The Legend of Zelda Zone features Sonic the Hedgehog dressed as Link exploring an open area resembling Hyrule Field and a secret area resembling a dungeon in search of the Triforce. Sonic's life is represented by hearts. Sonic starts with three hearts, but his life energy can be expanded by opening Treasure Chests containing Heart Containers. Green, blue, and red Rupees can be collected instead of rings.

The Zone features many easter eggs and references to The Legend of Zelda series, including the appearance of Fairies that restore Sonic's hearts, Gossip Stones that react differently to attacks, Cuccos that retaliate when attacked, Hyrule Castle in the background of the overworld, Link traversing the sky with his Crimson Loftwing, using Bombs on rocks to open secret areas, and the use of various The Legend of Zelda songs and sounds. Included are the Overworld Theme, the Dungeon Theme from A Link to the Past, and the jingle for solved puzzles.

Minor Enemies and Traps


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The Legend of Zelda Zone trailer
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