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This article is about the curses bestowed by Vaati in The Minish Cap. For the status condition, see Curse.

Sorcerer's Curses,[1] also known as Vaati's Curses,[2] are powerful magical abilities used by Vaati in The Minish Cap.


After donning the Mage's Cap created by Ezlo, Vaati takes the form of a powerful sorcerer.[3] With his newfound power, he bestows a Sorcerer's Curse on Ezlo, transforming his former mentor into a sentient hat with a bird-like face.

Traveling from the Minish Realm to Hyrule, Vaati participates in the sword-fighting tournament at the Picori Festival. After winning the tournament, he is given the opportunity to touch the Picori Blade, embedded in the Bound Chest. After attacking the Vassals around the Chest, he breaks the Picori Blade and opens the Chest. As monsters pour out of the now opened Bound Chest, a glimpse of the Light Force flashes out from Princess Zelda. Not realizing that her mysterious power is in fact the Light Force he has been searching for, Vaati bestows another Sorcerer's Curse on her, turning her to stone to keep her from interfering with his plans.[4]

After taking the form of King Daltus, Vaati turns him to stone as well and imprisons him in the dungeons beneath Hyrule Castle. By the time Link and Ezlo are able to infuse the Four Sword with the power of the Four Elements, Vaati has Cursed all the remaining denizens of Hyrule Castle, turning all the Vassals and Minister Potho to stone.

Link is able to break these Curses with the power of the Four Sword,[5] though the Curse on Ezlo is not broken until Vaati is defeated.[6]


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