South Gubasha Desert

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South Gubasha Desert is a location in Zelda's Adventure.[1]

Features and Overview

South Gubasha Desert is located north of the East Crossroads of the East Forest. It is a dry, desert wasteland that sits next to the eastern sea of Tolemac, which can be seen from the coastal cliffs of the region. In the northern half of the desert is a small desert oasis, where a Fairy lives who will replenish all of Zelda's Hearts when approached.

South Gubasha Desert is home to a small village. The settlement is mostly deserted with only a couple villagers left. Its villagers, however, are not very welcoming to Princess Zelda, and provide her with no advice and instead discourage her. A man named Myntoll sits in the village square, but refuses to provide Princess Zelda any information to aid her quest.[citation needed]



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