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Steem is a character from Spirit Tracks.[3] He is a member of the Lokomo race and Guardian of the Snow Realm who resides in the Snow Sanctuary.[1] Like the rest of the Lokomo people, Steem possesses a sacred instrument, his being the biwa, which generates energy to power the Spirit Tracks when played with another sacred instrument.[4]


In order for Link to access the chamber of the sanctuary in which Steem is located, he must press a switch that opens the way to Steem. However, the young hero must reach the door before it closes without being "seen" by the head statues scattered across the room that are facing in different directions.[5] Once the young hero successfully gets past the door, he will meet Steem, who will mention that he has heard all about Link and Zelda's journey to restore the Spirit Tracks.[6] Link, using the Spirit Flute, then performs a duet with Steem to reveal the Spirit Tracks to the Snow Temple.[7] Before the young hero heads out to the temple, Steem warns him about the violent blizzards that have been savaging the area around the temple.[8]

After Link obtains a Freight Car for his Spirit Train, he can purchase a Vessel from the Wise One in Papuchia Village and transport it to Steem at the Snow Sanctuary. The Lokomo, who had been wanting a Vessel to decorate his Sanctuary,[9] will give Force Gem 14 to the young hero as a sign of gratitude.[10] If Link happens to damage the Vessel with his Sword, Steem will be shocked and demand a new one.[11][12] Should Link return with a new Vessel, Steem will reward him for his thoughtfulness with a valuable Treasure.

During the final battle against Malladus, Princess Zelda sings a duet with Link, and soon after this, all five of the Lokomos, including Steem, join in to form a full orchestrated version of the piece. This melody weakens Malladus and reveals a weak spot in his back, which is necessary to defeat the Demon King once and for all.[13]

Steem is last seen during the ending credits when Anjean, along with the rest of the Lokomos, departs towards the heavens after the defeat of the Demon King since their protection is no longer needed in the land of Hyrule.[14]


Steem's name is a play on "steam".

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
スチム (Suchimu)[16]Corruption of スチーム (Suchīmu), "steam".
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