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The Strange Brothers are characters in Oracle of Seasons.[1]


The Strange Brothers are a pair of Subrosians that live in their House in southwestern Subrosia. The Brothers are rather mischievous, managing to trick Link into trading his Roc's Feather for Fool's Ore.[2] Link has to follow them through the Treasure Grove where they bury his Roc's Feather to get it back, but they will hide if they see Link following them. Link can return and follow the Strange Brothers to their secret spot again to dig up more of their buried treasure. This treasure includes Ore Chunks, Magic Rings, or Gasha Seeds. The Jar in the upper right side of their house contains up to 100 Ore Chunks


  • When the Strange Brothers realize they are being followed, they will run over trees, lava, and their house to get away.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
奇怪兄弟双人组 (Qí guài xiōng dì shuāng rén zǔ)[4] 
The Italian Republic
Fratelli Strani[3]Same as English.
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