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Subrosia Village is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is located in central Subrosia. It comprises most of the Subrosians' dwellings and other establishments, which include a market, a smithy, and a smelting furnace.

Geography and Features

A typical Subrosian dwelling.

The village's large area constitutes a significant portion of the land of Subrosia. To the north and south of Subrosia Village, stairs lead up to the Subrosian Volcanoes and down to the Subrosia Seaside, respectively. To the east, stairs lead down to the sunken Temple of Seasons. The village is divided by rivers of lava flowing from the Subrosian Volcanoes. The Subrosian homes, as well as the Subrosian Smithy, are found on the western side. One home stands on a separate island in the lava, connected to the rest of the village by two bridges. The houses do not appear to be built on land; they all stand out in the lava. The homes in the area, as well as the Subrosian Smithy, are hut-like. An exception is the Strange Brothers' House, which is a proper house like those seen in Holodrum. It is built out on the lava like the other Subrosian homes, however. The house has a wing on its western side that leads out to the Treasure Grove.

Near the center of the village is Subrosia Market, where Link can barter for items with Ore Chunks and Mystical Seeds. The Great Furnace is built in the side of a rocky plateau on the east end of the village. On the southern end of the plateau lies the Sign-Loving Subrosian's Home, a small house with a corrugated roof. A nearby path leads down to Lava Lake. A cluster of pitfalls and trees isolate the plateau from the rest of the village. South of the pitfalls is a narrower plateau with a Treasure Chest on it. The chest contains the Red Ore.


Link passes through a different area of the village each time he travels to Subrosia to obtain a new power from the Temple of Seasons. Subrosia Village is divided by numerous obstacles—pitfalls, trees, outcrops of rock, and most of all lava—that prevent Link from exploring the entire village all at once. On Link's first voyage to Subrosia, the Portal in North Horon brings him to the Subrosian Volcanoes. From there, he can climb down and explore the north side of the village. As the game progresses, Link discovers three portals that lead directly to the village: one in Spool Swamp, one on Mt. Cucco, and one on an islet on Eyeglass Lake. Each portal leads to an area of Subrosia Village that is initially isolated from the rest of the village. With each new area of the village, Link is able to explore a different tower of the Temple of Seasons. Thus, the North Horon portal leads to the north end of the village and the Tower of Winter; the Spool Swamp portal to the south-central end and the Tower of Summer; the Mt. Cucco portal to the southwest end and the Tower of Spring; and, finally, the Eyeglass Lake portal to the east end and the Tower of Autumn.

When Link obtains Roc's Feather, the Magnetic Gloves, and eventually Roc's Cape, the village becomes easier to navigate. With Roc's Cape and a Pegasus Seed, Link is able to cross even the widest points in the river of lava. At that point, it is possible to navigate the entire village within Subrosia itself, without using portals. Until then, Link must explore Subrosia Village end by end.

North End

The locked tunnel leading through the ridge.

On Link's first visit to Subrosia after Gnarled Root Dungeon, the young hero is only able to explore the north side of the village, which extends from the Subrosian Smithy to the Temple of Seasons. A path on the east side leads to the main entrance of the temple. From the main entrance, Link explores the temple's main hall as well as the Tower of Winter, where he obtains the Rod of Seasons and the power of the Spirit of Winter, respectively.

Once Link obtains Roc's Feather, he can jump over the river of lava to reach the western foothills of the Subrosian Volcanoes. The Subrosian Chef's Kitchen is found there.

The north side of the village is separated from the south-central area by a line of trees and a rocky ridge. A tunnel runs through the ridge, but its openings are inexplicably locked.

South-central End

Link's second visit to Subrosia comes before Poison Moth's Lair. The portal in Spool Swamp leads to the south-central area of the village, where Subrosia Market is located. South of the market, a path leads down to Subrosia Seaside. Here, Link digs for Star-Shaped Ore, which he then trades for a Ribbon at the market. The young hero gives the Ribbon to Rosa, who then declares she'll "go on a date" with Link. She decides they should go look in the Temple of Seasons.[2] Rosa's key unlocks the tunnel in the ridge,[3] connecting the south-central and northern ends of the village. The pair travels back to temple, and Rosa unlocks the door to the Tower of Summer.[3]

Southwest End

Roc's Feather is stolen from Link by the Strange Brothers.

At first, the only way to reach the southwestern end of the village is by using the portal on Mt. Cucco. The portal leads to a small islet in the river of lava; Link needs Roc's Feather to cross the river. The moment he does so, his feather is stolen by the Strange Brothers, who live nearby. Link gives chase, using Stealth to follow the brothers to the spot in the Treasure Grove where they hid his feather. He then uses the shovel to dig it up.[4] Once he retrieves Roc's Feather, Link is able to jump across the river of lava to reach a cave next to the Mt. Cucco portal. Inside the cave, moving platforms hover above lava pits. Link must jump from platform to platform to reach the far side, where he finds a Gasha Seed and a staircase leading out to the Tower of Spring.

A second Gasha Seed can be found in the home of another Subrosian in the southwest end. Link needs Roc's Feather to jump across the lava surrounding it.

Once Link obtains the Magnetic Gloves from Unicorn's Cave, he can cross over a certain gap and travel to and from central area of the village. However, Link must lift rocks on the west side of the gap in order to cross it. Therefore, he cannot use the passage if he enters Subrosia from a portal other than the one on Mt. Cucco. There is only one way Link can access the southwest area of the village besides the Mt. Cucco portal: south of the Subrosian Smithy, Link can make it across the wide river of lava if he boosts himself with a Pegasus Seed and flies over using Roc's Cape.

East End

The location of the Red Ore.

The final portal to Subrosia Village is located on an islet on Eyeglass Lake. It leads to the rocky plateau on the east side of the village, where the Great Furnace is located. When he arrives to the area, Link follows the path down to Lava Lake and finds a Bomb Flower in full bloom. Back at the furnace, the Subrosian smelters tell Link that many of the workers had left to the Temple of Seasons to collect rocks.[5] At the Tower of Autumn, Link presents the Bomb Flower to the head smelter and uses it to destroy the rocks barring the entrance. Thus Link can access the tower and the smelters can collect their ore.[6]

Following this, Link can have Hard Ore smelted at the furnace if he brings the smelters Red and Blue Ore. With the Magnetic Gloves, he can cross a gap to the plateau where the Red Ore is located.[7]

Another gap west of the furnace separates the east end of Subrosia Village from its center. To cross from the east side, Link needs only Roc's Feather and the Power Bracelet to lift a rock. This allows him to travel to and from the Temple of Seasons on his visit to the Tower of Autumn. However, should Link enter Subrosia from another portal, the rock on the east side will block the narrow point in the gap. He then needs to use the Magnetic Glove and "S" Stone, or the Roc's Cape, to cross it at a wider point.


  • In the Italian version of the game, the area delimited by Subrosia Village is known simply as "Subrosia" on the map.


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