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The Sunken City Gate is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

The Sunken City Gate is a small area just within the western entrance to the Sunken City, separating it from the Moblin's Keep. It is the method by which Link first enters the Sunken City. Like the rest of the area, the Sunken City Gate is predominantly flooded with Water due to the quickly melting snow of Mt. Cucco.[2]

Just past the entrance, there is a waterlogged House where the Master Diver's wife lives.[3] North of the Sunken City Gate, Ingo lives within his House.[4]

Should Link enter the Sunken City Gate while riding Moosh, he will become scared of the Water and flee the area.[5]



Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Porta Sprofondia[6]Sprofondia Gate
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