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Sunshrooms are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Compendium Entry
177  (182) Sunshroom
A bright red mushroom that grows in hot climates. Imbued with the power of heat, they can be used to cook dishes that will allow you endure the bitter cold.
Common Locations
Eldin Canyon
Gerudo Highlands
Hearts Recovered
Cooking Effects
Cold Resistance

Sunshrooms are a type of Mushroom that can found growing near Trees in Eldin Canyon and the Gerudo Highlands. They can be purchased from The Slippery Falcon and Ardin's Stall in Gerudo Town. They can be eaten as is to restore half a Heart to Link's Life Gauge, but they can also be Cooked into Food to restore greater health and provide Cold Resistance.[1] When Sunshrooms are burned by Fire, they become Toasty Sunshrooms. In addition, Sunshrooms can be used as an ingredient at the Kochi Dye Shop to create Red Dye.

Sunshrooms, among other Mushrooms, can be used in a Cooking Pot to make Cream of Mushroom Soup, a Fish and Mushroom Skewer, Fragrant Mushroom Sauté, Fruit and Mushroom Mix, Glazed Mushrooms, a Meat and Mushroom Skewer, a Mushroom Omelet, Mushroom Rice Balls, Mushroom Risotto, a Mushroom Skewer, Copious Mushrooms Skewers, Salt-Grilled Mushrooms, and Steamed Mushrooms.

After Link upgrades his Sheikah Sensor at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, Symin will ask to see it.[4] When Link speaks to Symin next}}, he decides to demonstrate how he can use Sheikah Sensor to find Items that are depicted in the Hyrule Compendium.[5] He tasks Link with taking a Picture of a Sunshroom, pointing out that one can be found behind the Lab.[6] This begins the "Sunshroom Sensing" Side Quest.

Once Link returns with a Picture of a Sunshroom, Symin will ask to see it to confirm.[7] He is pleased to see the Picture, and he then tasks Link to tune his Sheikah Sensor to his Hyrule Compendium Picture of the Sunshroom.[8] He then asks Link to bring him three Sunshrooms using the Sheikah Sensor.[9] After gathering three Sunshrooms, Link can return to Symin and hand them over.[10] When Link does so, Symin thanks Link and gives him three Hearty Truffles as a reward.[11]

Another Side Quest, "Riddles of Hyrule," involves Walton telling Link riddles and having him bring the corresponding Item. For his third riddle, Walton will ask Link to find a Mushroom that warms your bones and can be found in warmer areas.[12] If Link places a Sunshroom on the leaf in front of Walton, he will cheer that Link figured out the riddle.[13]

Five Sunshrooms, along with eight Fire Keese Wings, are required to upgrade each piece of the Snowquill Set to its third tier at a Great Fairy Fountain.

Total Sunshrooms required: 15

Tears of the Kingdom

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


  • Due to a Picture of a Sunshroom being required as part of the "Sunshroom Sensing" Side Quest, it will automatically be registered to the Hyrule Compendium. This also means that Link will not be able its Compendium entry from Symin, as he only sells them after the Side Quest has been completed. The default image still exists in the game's files, however.
    • The default Hyrule Compendium Picture of a Sunshroom can be replicated by finding the Sunshroom slightly to the northwest of Foothill Stable. The Picture must be taken at approximately 9:00 AM during clear Weather.[14]


Names in Other Regions
  • ポカポカダケ (Pokapoka dake) (BotW)
  • ポカポカダケ (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
  • 暖暖蘑菇 (Nuǎn-nuǎn mógū) (BotW)
  • 暖暖蘑菇 (Nuǎn nuǎn mógū) (TotK)
The People's Republic of China
暖暖蘑菇 (Nuǎn nuǎn mógū) (TotK) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Hittezwam (BotW | TotK | HWAoC)[15][16][17]Heatshroom
The French Republic
Champi piment (BotW | TotK)Pepper shroom
Champi piment (TotK) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Glutling (BotW | TotK) 
The Italian Republic
Caldoncello (BotW | TotK) 
The Republic of Korea
  • 따끈따끈버섯 (Ttakkeunttakkeunbeoseot) (BotW)
  • 따끈따끈버섯 (TotK)
The Russian Federation
Жаромор (Zharomor) (BotW) 
Latin America
Hongo solar (BotW) 
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Seta ígnea (BotW)
  • Hongo solar (TotK)
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