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Swoop is the Sub-Boss of the Wing Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1]


Swoop appears as a red, Vire-like creature with wings protruding from its head. Swoop flutters above Link while following him around the room, occasionally attacking by slamming down onto the floor. Link must dodge the attack and strike Swoop with his Sword before it takes off again, leaving a hole in the floor that will take Link to the Dungeon's basement should he fall into it. After several hits, Swoop will speed up its attacks and begin to slam onto the floor several times in a row, though it can be countered in the same manner. When Swoop is defeated, a Fairy and a portal to the Dungeon's entrance will appear.


Names in Other Regions
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウインギー (Uingī) Wingy
Germany German Swoop