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The Sword Master Suit is an Item in Tri Force Heroes.[1]

Location and Uses

Madame Couture's Commenthide ▲
Madame Couture says:

The Sword Master Suit is the mark of a truly gifted sword wielder. Wearing it is considered an honor, my pet!

The Sword Master Suit is an Outfit that can be crafted at Madame Couture's. It becomes available for purchase after the Links complete the Desert Temple and the Grim Temple.

The Sword Master Suit is similar to the Sword Suit in that it doubles the damage that Link's Sword deals, along with giving his Sword the ability to fire Sword Beams while Link is at full Health. The Sword Master Suit also extends the length of Link's Sword, nearly doubling its reach.[2]

Owning the Sword Master Suit is considered an honor and a sign of expertise.[3] If Link visits the Coliseum in possession of the Outfit and claims to be a "budding hero", the Match Master will doubt him and only match him with other players who selected "expert hero".[4]

Any Links who join the game through Download Play will be unable to obtain the Sword Master Suit. Though the Outfit can appear in the Catalog, it is impossible to collect the required Materials in this mode.


  • The crossguard on the Sword used with the Sword Master Suit features a sun's face identical to the one carved into stone above Hytopia Castle's entrance. This could indicate that the Outfit is a symbol of Hytopian royalty.


Names in Other Regions
剣聖のよろい (Ken Sei no Yoroi)[6] 
Haute-coupureFrom "haute-couture" (high fashion) and "coupure" (slice/cut)
The French Republic
Haute-coupure[8]From "haute-couture" (high fashion) and "coupure" (slice/cut)
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Armatura sacra[5] 
The Republic of Korea
검술사 갑옷 (Geomsulsa Gab-os)[9]Swordsman Armor
Latin America
Armadura maestra[10] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Armadura maestra 
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