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Takkuri are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Majora's Mask

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Majora's Mask 3D
Tatl says:

It's a Takkuri.
Run! This bird will steal your items! C'mon! What are you doing just standing around?!

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Majora's Mask

It's a Takkuri.
Run! This bird steals your items! C'mon! What are you doing just standing around?!

The Takkuri in Majora's Mask is a large bird that flies around the entrance to Milk Road in Termina Field.[2] As it sees Link, it swoops down and attacks him. If the Takkuri makes a successful hit, it will make Link drop various items such as Rupees, Bombs, and Arrows. After he obtains the Hero's Bow, the Takkuri is able to steal other items such as an empty Bottle or even his Sword.[3][4] The bird will then fly away to Clock Town with the item. The Takkuri works with the Man from Curiosity Shop, and as such, stolen items such as a Bottle and the Sword can later be bought back at the Curiosity Shop.[5][6][7][8]

The Takkuri has high health, taking about 12 regular Arrows or six Magic Arrows of any kind to defeat it; however, if Link is successful in defeating the bird, he will receive a Gold Rupee worth 200 Rupees. Defeating the Takkuri is made easier on Epona, where it cannot hurt Link. Wearing the Stone Mask makes Link undetectable by the Takkuri, and prevents it from stealing his items. If Link plays the "Song of Time" to reset back to the dawn of the First Day, any items lost or stolen by the Takkuri will be recovered.

The Minish Cap

Takkuri in The Minish Cap are nearly identical to Crows, but are red rather than black. They try to steal Link's Rupees and can be found in the Royal Valley. One Takkuri will swoop down and steal the Graveyard Key from Link after he obtains it from Dampé. In order to retrieve the Key and progress to the Royal Crypt, Link must use the Pegasus Boots and dash into the Tree where the Takkuri is roosting.


Names in Other Regions
タックリー (Takkurī) (TMC)[11]From ひったくり (Hittakuri), a purse snatcher.
Takkuri (MM3D)
The Italian Republic
Takkuri (MM | MM3D)[9][10]
Latin America
Takkuri (MM3D)
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Other Names

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