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Teba is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[10][11][12]


Breath of the Wild

Teba is the most skilled Rito warrior in Rito Village.[13] He resides in his Home with his wife Saki and his son Tulin, though he will initially be absent from the Village. He is known to be prideful to the point of recklessness, and even Saki describes him as impulsive.[13][14] Like other Rito warriors, Teba idolizes Revali, and he wishes for Tulin to become a great warrior as well.[7][15]

Growing up, Teba was childhood friends with Harth.[16] Since Tulin is close in age with Harth's daughter, Molli, their families have remained close.[17] Teba was also mentored by Kaneli while training to become a Rito warrior.[16] When Divine Beast Vah Medoh reactivated and began circling Rito Village, Teba and Harth went to face it, ignoring Kaneli's warnings.[18] This resulted in Harth becoming injured, though Teba remained unscathed.[19]

A screenshot of Teba repairing a Falcon Bow at the Flight Range. Text on-screen displays his name, along with the title "Rito Warrior".
Teba's introduction

When Link speaks to Saki during the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest, she reveals that Teba is preparing for another attack on Vah Medoh at the Flight Range.[20] At the Flight Range, Link can find Teba working on a Falcon Bow, turning to face him when he senses his approach.[21] Realizing he does not know Link, Teba tells him to leave since he is busy.[22]

Upon speaking to Teba he reiterates that he is busy and asks Link if he needs something.[23] If Link claims that he can help him, Teba initially does not know what he is talking about.[24] When Link clarifies that he can calm Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Teba will be skeptical that of his story, and he asks Link for his name.[25] After they introduce themselves to each other, Teba voices his suspicions that Kaneli had Link come to talk him out of facing Vah Medoh.[26] When Link confirms this, Teba will be annoyed, but he asserts that he will not return to Rito Village until he defeats the Divine Beast.[27][28]

After Link reasserts his desire to help, Teba states that he is in no position to talk him out of it.[29] He recalls Kaneli saying that the only way to stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh would be to enter it, which he believes to be impossible.[30] Though Link tries to tell him that he is capable of doing so, Teba does not believe him, since only the Champions would be capable of entering a Divine Beast.[31]

Teba decides to instead focus on fighting Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[32] He explains that if they approach the Divine Beast without a plan, they will be shot down by its Cannons.[33] Therefore, he wants to test Link's skills before they attempt their assault.[34] To do so, Link must use the Flight Range's Updrafts to destroy five Targets within three minutes.[35] If Link asks for a tip, Teba explains that using a Bow in midair is the same as using it on the ground.[36] He also suggests that Link use a Bow with a long range.[37] He then states that if Link is unable to complete this task, then he will not fare well against Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[38] Once Link tells Teba he is ready, the Flight Range Mini-Game will begin.[39]

After Link destroys five Targets, Teba will call him back to the Flight Range's hut.[40] Teba is impressed by Link's skills with a bow, and he confesses that he thought someone was pulling a prank on him when Link first came to the Flight Range.[41] However, he can now tell that Link is serious about helping him, reasoning he must have seen at least a couple of battles.[42] If Link claims to have seen a few, Teba tells him not to be modest.[43] He then remarks that he feels like he has heard the name "Link" before.[44]

Confident in Link's abilities, Teba decides it is time for them to face Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[45] His role will be to move Link into position so that he can shoot at the Cannons.[46] To this end, he allows Link to take a Falcon Bow he modified from the nearby Treasure Chest.[47] After Link takes the Bow, Teba will give him a bundle of 20 Bomb Arrows to use against the Divine Beast.[48] Since they will be in a Freezing Climate, Teba also suggests that Link bring warm Food or Armor.[49]

When Link tells Teba he is ready, he first wants to know why Link is risking so much to face the Divine Beast.[50] If Link responds that he intends to rescue Zelda, Teba will be confused about her relation to this matter.[51] So long as Link is helping him, however, he does not care.[52] He then tells Link to get on his back, and the pair will fly up to Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[53]

A screenshot of Teba flying with Link riding on his back.
Teba flying with Link

As they approach Vah Medoh, Teba remarks that even he feels cold.[54] He then points out the Divine Beast, becoming annoyed that it has restored its Barrier.[55] Teba goes over their plan once more, reiterating that it is Link's job to shoot the Cannons while he draws their fire.[56] Should Link need to stop the fight, Teba tells him to Paraglide directly upwards.[57] In addition, he reveals that Medoh's Barrier in impenetrable and should not be touched.[58] He also makes sure that Link remembers his Cold Resistance.[59] He then tells Link that they will move when he is ready.[60]

During the battle with Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Teba will encourage Link.[61] He also warns Link of incoming attacks from a Cannon.[62][63] Whenever Link destroys a Cannon, Teba cheers for him.[64][65][66][67]

With all of the Cannons destroyed, Teba commends Link for his work.[68] He suddenly falters, however, and a burn mark can be seen on his left leg. Teba informs Link of his injury and his plans to return to the Flight Range.[69] However, he is concerned that he may not be able to make it back.[70] He tells Link to continue on to Divine Beast Vah Medoh, wishing him luck as he gives him a thumbs up.[71] Teba then turns back to the Flight Range. If Link exits Divine Beast Vah Medoh before activating its Main Control Unit, he Teba seen at the Flight Range groaning in pain over his injured ankle.[72] He is angered that he was shot, and he admits that his injury is worst than he though it was.[73] He then curses, angered that he was forced to turn back after getting so close to defeating the Divine Beast.[74]

Once Vah Medoh has been calmed, Teba will return to his Home in Rito Village. There, Saki tends to his wounds, and he recovers enough to be able to stand.[75] According to Saki, Teba told her about his and Link's actions, as well as the fact that they saved Rito Village.[76] Saki also told Teba that Link is a descendant of the Hylian Champion, but when Link tries to tell him the truth, Teba does not believe him.[77]

After the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest has been completed, Teba admits that he would not have been able to face the Divine Beast without Link and thanks him.[78] Once Link has the Great Eagle Bow, Teba will notice that he is carrying it.[79] He admits that the Bow is too heavy for him to carry, as he would end up losing speed whenever he tried to take a shot.[80] When he saw Link's skills with a Bow, he told Kaneli that they should give it to Link.[81]

A screenshot of Teba flying away from Rito Village, with Tulin riding on his back.
Teba and Tulin flying together

Now that his injuries are mostly healed, Teba decides to resume training Tulin at the Flight Range, expressing his hope for his son to become as great a warrior as Revali was.[82] When Link tells him to take care, Teba stands and announces they are leaving,[83] much to Tulin's excitement.[84] Seeing his son's happiness, Teba laughs.[85] He then informs Link that he will be at the Flight Range for the forseeable future.[86] With Tulin riding on his back, Teba then departs for the Flight Range. When Link speaks to Teba at the Flight Range, he asks if he could demonstrate his archery skills for Tulin, since he believes it could be beneficial to his training.[87]

When The Champions' Ballad Downloadable Content Pack is active, The Diary of Revali will appear in Teba's Home, having been entrusted to him by Kaneli.[5] Link is also able to ask Teba about Revali, who reveals that Revali was the first Rito to be able to ascend into the air on his own without the help of Wind.[88] While Teba is currently unable to do so, he wants to one day teach himself and master Revali's Gale.[89] In addition, Link is able to aks about Kaneli's whereabout, who Teba thinks is in his House in Rito Village.[90] He hopes that Kaneli could teach Tulin some of the stories he knows about Revali, but he believes that his son's training should come first.[91]

Tears of the Kingdom

Teba has taken Kaneli's place as elder of Rito Village.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In the Air and Lightning Scenario, Revali is struggling in the battle against Windblight Ganon and is hit in the wing, though he tries brush it off as he is flying off-balance as it was aiming its cannons, intending to shoot him.[92] However, before all hope of survival is lost for Revali, Teba is summoned to an alternate timeline by Terrako at the moment Revali is about to be killed by Windblight Ganon while piloting Vah Medoh, allowing Revali to recover and get back into the fight. Teba distracts Windblight Ganon and lets Revali get back at it for its attack,[93] and Revali lets loose three Rito arrows from his Great Eagle Bow at the demon,[94] but it deflects his shot. Teba is frustrated that it's still alive[95] but Revali reassure him that he bought enough time for the party to board Vah Medoh and rescue him[96] After Windblight was forced to retreat, Urbosa takes a moment to thank the party and Riju for coming to their aid. Teba, upon witnessing Revali's insincere gratitude towards Link rescuing him,[97] begins to express disgust at this arrogance,[98] although his musing is interrupted by Urbosa,[99] who proceeds to ask Zelda what happened at Hyrule Castle.[100] After hearing these recent events, Teba joins Revali to help him defend western Hyrule from a surge of monsters and corrupted Guardians that plague it. Teba defends Revali from the Guardian Skywatchers, and shoots down the others and is soon pursued by them. Revali returns the favor by hitting his pursuers, causing Teba to be impressed by Revali's skill[101] With his signature smirk, Revali is prepared to show off the extent of Medoh's power.[102] As they take out numerous monster outposts, Windblight Ganon reappears a few times in a final attempt to kill not only Revali, but Teba as well. But Revali was able to unleash his rage by finally slaying the demon.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC EX Searching Hyrule Forest, when Revali notices an unfamiliar Rito child in Korok Forest before he completely disappeared in the depths, he reports to Teba on the subject. Horrified, Teba pleads to tag along and Revali agrees to let him. He then asks for a description of the missing child and Revali states that he has white feathers similar to him and he never seen him in the village. After some searching, the child finally turns up and Teba recognized the child as his only son, Tulin. He then explains that he somehow ended up in the forest and he was looked after by "tiny creatures", which intrigues his father. Teba is uncomfortable leaving Tulin alone in the forest and a Rito Captain volunteers to protect Tulin on their way out. Teba introduces Tulin to Revali, who is pleasantly surprised that they are related, and both have traveled through time. Tulin then praises Revali, but mistakenly believes that he is just another Rito warrior who might be just as good as the Rito Champion, which a shocked Revali corrects him that he is actually the real deal. During their journey out, Tulin continues to be amazed by Revali's prowess, leading him to believe that he is still worshipped even after a hundred years. When they make it to their destination, which turned out to be a dead end, Revali becomes flustered that they should have consulted the help from the Koroks, but Tulin who can read the wind and was given knowledge on the false passages, reveals the way out and after revealing the second passage, Revali becomes impressed by Tulin's skills in understanding the wind as the child guides the grownups out. After a final surge of monsters, Teba thanks Revali for his help, but Revali tells him to stop with the excessive praise.

Once they are able to escape to the forest entrance, Teba lets Tulin off his back and reminds Tulin to use his manners since Revali was the reason he was found[103] Tulin complies[104] as he trots to stand in front of the Rito Champion and gives him his gratitude.[105] Revali smiles a bit and compliments him back.[106] Overjoyed to hear this,[107] Tulin lets him know of his intentions to train so that he can be like him as he jumped close to Revali's face as he nervously backs away, and adds that he also will one day master the Great Eagle Bow.[108] Revali sighs as he reminds him that he could have been killed by the monsters in the forest and notes that he wasn't the least bit scared.[109] He looks over at Teba and notes that Tulin will eventually master the wind.[110] Teba agrees, but he adds that he must surpass his father first.[111] Tulin then imitates Revali's speaking patterns[112] prompting a laugh from Teba before he stops himself upon seeing Revali's resigned face.[113] Teba struggled to find the right words, but then Revali succumbs into a warm laughing fit.[114] as Teba and Tulin soon follow. Tulin then attempts his own version of Revali's Gale, which he calls "Tulin's Tornado" only to fall on his back,[115] as Teba walks up to him,[116] as Revali chuckles and reminds Tulin that he still has to keep at it.[117]

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, Purah had managed to get the Sheikah Towers back in working condition and supercharges it to bring armies of all races together, including the Champions, Divine Beasts, and the reformed Yiga Clan. Revali, noticeably more relaxed and light-hearted than he initially was, is fully content with flaunting their power as a whole,[118] and Teba encourages Revali to make his people proud of him.[119] With her surviving father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army and gives a powerful speech charging for the outposts and taking out the monsters that uphold the barrier so that the Champion Pilots can open fire upon Calamity Ganon. Despite the monster reviving Blood Moon holding them back, the army managed to move forward.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Teba and Revali lead the Rito air force while Zelda leads all the ground forces as they rush to Hyrule Castle to take the fight to Astor and Harbinger Ganon. After both Harbinger Ganon and Astor are defeated, the latter enters into a full psychotic breakdown as he orders the former to destroy the heroes, before he himself gets absorbed by Ganon's Malice and some of it latches onto Terrako, possessing it as it unwillingly attacks Princess Zelda and Link. Once Terrako is sufficiently damaged to the point where it couldn't fight anymore, Teba and the warriors silently mourn its broken state as the now enraged princess swears to destroy Calamity Ganon once and for all and they charge for the sanctum where Ganon awaited them. However, because of his successful reincarnation, Ganon was impervious to all attacks so the princess, out of desperation, tried to use her power to seal the monster. Her power allowed Terrako to get back up and skitter upstairs to sacrifice itself to break down Ganon's defense, allowing the party to attack and eventually defeat him. With some cheering from Daruk[120] and Revali[121] Link uses the Master Sword to critically weaken Ganon enough for Zelda to use her power to destroy him. With Hyrule reverting to its peaceful state, Terrako's blessed screw uses its power to send Teba, Sidon, Yunobo, and Riju back to the future. Teba and the other future counterparts soon depart from this timeline. As he fades away, Teba formally remarks that it was "enlightening," having been able to see "the face behind the Champion".[122] as he was saying good-bye to Revali.[123] After disappearing, Princess Zelda wishes them a brighter future.

In the secret DLC ending, Teba, Revali, and Tulin rest at the Flight Range. Tulin was sleeping on Revali's lap as the latter managed to keep the blanket from being blown away by the wind, as Teba chuckles happily at their bond with one another.

As a playable Warrior, Teba wields a bow in a similar fashion to Revali, with the Falcon Bow being his default starting weapon. Unlike Revali, Teba does not have a 'flying mode'; instead having a charge-and-release arrow as his Unique Action. By pressing X repeatedly during any Strong Attack, Teba will unleash a flurry of arrows at enemies, often zipping about as he does so.


  • Teba's design is based on a hawk.[124] He was originally intended to be brown, but in order to differentiate him from the other Rito, his coloration was changed to white.[124]


Teba's name is derived from the Japanese 手羽 (teba), meaning "chicken wing". Teba and his wife Saki's names are a pun on tebasaki (手羽先), a dish made of fried chicken wing tips.

Names in Other Regions
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