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Telma is a character in Twilight Princess.[2]


Telma is the owner of a Bar in Hyrule Castle Town.[3] She also owns a pet Cat named Louise. Telma is known to be a kind yet brave woman who looks after Ilia when she takes the injured Zora Ralis to her Bar.[4] She tries her hardest to help Ilia and the wounded Zora, sending for Dr. Borville in hopes of calming Ilia down.[5] After Link returns to the bar as a human and finds Ilia, he arrives just in time to see the doctor refuse to treat Prince Ralis, saying that Zoras are beyond his expertise.[6] Telma is then reminded of a shaman in Kakariko Village who has treated both Zoras and Gorons, and after the Hylian Soldiers cowardly refuse to escort them to the Eldin Province, Telma notices that Link is up to the task.[7][8]

Upon meeting each other, Telma and Link become fast friends as they both work together to get Ilia and Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village safely. She takes a special liking to Link, calling him "honey" and often winking and jokingly flirting with him.[9] Link successfully leads Telma's Wagon to Kakariko Village, where she properly introduces herself and compliments Link's skills, asking if he intends on putting them to use for Hyrule.[10] Telma also mentions that she is a member of a group called The Resistance who are trying to do what they can to restore peace to Hyrule.[11] It is also here in Kakariko Village that it is implied that Telma has a crush on Renado.[12][13] Link can find Telma alone with Renado in his Sanctuary, where she can be observed swaying in place, smiling directly at Renado and talking about his admirable traits.[14] However, if Link speaks to Telma a second time, Telma will mutter to herself about how simple-minded Link is for not understanding that she wishes to be alone with Renado. She will then become visibly annoyed, telling Link to leave while shooing him away.[15] However, Renado does not seem to reciprocate Telma's fondness of him, stating at one point that he "cannot abide her company."[16]

After Link withdraws the Master Sword, he returns to Telma's Bar, where the members of the Resistance sit at a table and discuss the significant events transpiring around Hyrule. The Resistance, along with Telma's advice, assist Link in finding the missing Shards of the Mirror of Twilight. Later, Telma gives Link an Invoice to show to Dr. Borville, which will ultimately help Ilia recover her memory.[17]

Telma seems to have a rather low opinion of the Hylian Soldiers, more than once stating how ineffective and cowardly they are.[18][19][20]

She is last seen during the ending credits tending to her bar as the Hyrule Soldiers cheer for the safety of the kingdom.


Telma and her cat's name, Louise, strongly resemble the title of the movie Thelma & Louise, which is likely a reference Nintendo made to deem the two as inseparable.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese テルマ (Teruma) Telma
France FrenchEU Telma
Korea Korean 텔마 (Telma)
Spain SpanishEU Telma



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