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This template helps to clarify names that are derived under specific or unusual conditions. This refers places, people, objects, and events that have no official names via normal text passages in North American versions of games.


To use this template, type the following for the name in question, often located either at the top of an article or at the top of a section. Since at those locations the names would always be bolded, this template already bolds the name.

#InputOutputCategories added
For names derived from official material in other languages.
1{{Name|British|Example}} Example
2{{Name|Dutch|Example}} Example
3{{Name|French|Example}} Example
4{{Name|German|Example}} Example
5{{Name|Japanese|Example}} Example
6{{Name|Spanish|Example}} Example
For names derived from in-game languages or internal data.
7{{Name|Hylian|Example}} Example
8{{Name|Internal|Example}} Example
9{{Name|Sheikah|Example}} Example
For unofficial names created by fans, to be used sparingly.
10{{Name|Fan|Example}} Example
If the specified type is not any of the above, a warning is issued.
11{{Name|invalid input|Example}} ExampleWarning: Invalid name type invalid input
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