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The Temple Remains are a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is part of Holodrum's northern mountain range, located between Tarm Ruins and Goron Mountain. The Temple Remains are the former locale of the Temple of Seasons, which General Onox caused to sink into Subrosia when he captured Din. The General of Darkness has his castle built on the western peak of the remains, known as Northern Peak.[2]


The volcanic eruption fills the remains with lava
Portal to Subrosia atop the remains

The Temple Remains are the last area of Holodrum to be explored by Link. At the very top of the remains there is a turret containing a Portal to Subrosia. This portal leads to the totally isolated Sword & Shield Maze, the dungeon containing the final Essence of Nature.

At first, parts of the remains are impossible to navigate due to several trees blocking an opening that leads inside the ruins' walls. By changing the season to autumn, pitfalls in the ruins become covered by leaves.[3] This allows Link to walk up the western side of the remains. By then changing the season to winter and walking across a snowdrift, Link gains access to the first portal, which leads to a previously unexplored area of the Subrosian Volcanoes.[3] Inside a cave, the young hero encounters a Subrosian throwing various items into a pit.[4] Link must throw a bomb into the pit, causing all the volcanoes in Subrosia to erupt.[4] When Link returns to Holodrum, he discovers that the ruins have now been filled with lava.[4] The magma—in addition to several Tektites and Darknuts roaming the walls—makes navigating the ruins treacherous, but it also destroys the obstructive trees blocking Link's path. By changing the season to summer, Link can use vines to climb up the eastern side and go inside the ruins through the opening.[4] Travelling through the cavernous interior of the remains (with use of the Roc's Cape and Magnetic Gloves) eventually leads to a staircase that will take Link to the top of the ruins. After fighting off a few Lynels, Link discovers a pair of fairies and the final portal to Subrosia inside the turret on the west side. On arrival in Subrosia, the young hero finds himself in front of the Sword & Shield Maze.[4]

The eruption also weakens a section of a wall in the remains. Bombing it opens up a cave with a Piece of Heart inside.[4]



  • When the Temple of Seasons sinks from Holodrum, it somehow ends up in the southeastern end of Subrosia, instead of directly below where the Subrosian Volcanoes are located.
  • In the Official Nintendo Player's Guide by Nintendo Power, the Temple Remains are erroneously referred to as a part of Northern Peak on multiple occasions.[4]


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Rovine Tempio[5]Temple Ruins
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