Temple of the Sacred Sword

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Temple of the Sacred Sword

Main Theme Music
The Sacred Sword
Playable Character(s) Link
After first completion:
Mini-boss(es) Lana?
Boss Wizzro
Completion Reward(s)Master Sword
North SquareN. Entrance KeepN. Temple HallTown EntranceSacred PedestalCentral KeepTemple SquareS. Entrance KeepS. Temple HallSouth Square
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The Temple of the Sacred Sword is a Stage in Hyrule Warriors.[1][name references needed] It contains "The Sacred Sword", the eleventh Scenario in Legend Mode.



The Sacred Sword

After sealing the Gates of Souls in each era, Link and the Hyrulean Forces reunite and discuss their next plan of action to defeat Cia. When Link and Princess Zelda find their Triforce pieces returned, Lana is confident that Cia can be defeated, but Zelda insists only after they have retrieved the Master Sword from the Temple of the Sacred Sword. The Hyrulean Forces spread out to locate the sword within the temple's empty ruins. Zelda states that in order to find it, they must work together and awaken the three Sealed Statues.[2] Lana leaves to search for them.

Link approaches the Temple doors, and finds that they are closed. The Ghost Forces then suddenly appear and attack the Hyrulean Forces to defend the Temple (they will also appear if Lana finds a statue).[3] While the Hyrulean Forces fight back, Zelda tells Darunia, Midna, and Impa that their abilities will be required to activate the Sealed Statues, and Link is tasked with keeping them safe. Impa leaves to search in the western part of the ruins, and eventually finds the Statue of Servitude there. Zelda asks her activate it. Link discovers two more Sealed Statues at the North and South Squares. Zelda asks Darunia to advance to the Statue of Wave and Flame in the South Square, and asks Midna to awaken the Statue of Twilight in the North Square.

Impa activates her Sealed Statue, but must remain until all the statues are fully awakened.[4] Link must also ensure that she stay safe while she waits. However more Ghost Soldiers appear around her, threatening her safety overtime. As Darunia enters the claimed Temple Square he is attacked by a Summoner, but he is saved by Link, allowing him to continue. Midna is also attacked by a Summoner, and is saved as well by Link. They soon reach their respective statues and activate them. They remain to wait for the statues to fully awaken.

With the three statues activated, Zelda believes that the temple doors should open now. However Impa says that the statues require more time still. In response to the activated statues, more Ghost Force soldiers appear, including inside the temple walls. Zelda calls this unusual and believes that someone must be manipulating the soldiers.[5] Link leaves to locate the soldiers' commander. During his search, Lana eerily laughs and calls out to the soldiers to attack the Hyrulean Forces. Zelda feels that an evil presence is nearby. Proxi echoes her suspicions and believes that there is an impostor among them.[6] Link then discovers a Lana impostor in the central ruins, who is actually Wizzro in disguise and the one controlling the Ghost Forces. The two fight and Link defeats him, forcing Wizzro to temporarily retreat.[7] Wizzro's defeat frees the Ghost soldiers from their control. The Sealed Statues are then fully awakened and opens the Temple doors. Realizing that the one meant to wield the Master Sword has arrived, the Ghost Forces retreat.[8] Awakening the three statues however puts a toll on Impa, Darunia and Midna, forcing them to retreat from the battle.

Link enters the temple and finds its Keeps taken by the Dark Forces. While searching for the Master Sword, he comes across two Aeralfos Gatekeepers guarding the gate to the sword's resting place. Link defeats them which opens the gate. Inside Link pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal. Wizzro then reappears and tries to fire a blast from behind, but Link deflects it with the Master Sword and they engage in battle. Wizzro retreats when his health is down to half, but reappears outside of the temple along with enemy reinforcements to attack Zelda. She retreats with the Hyrulean Forces to the temple. Link finds Wizzro at the West Square and fights him again, this time defeating the wizard. Wizzro accepts his defeat and begrudgingly reveals where Cia is hiding.[9] With the Master Sword now in Link's possession, Zelda declares their next objective to find Cia.[10]


Hyrulean Forces Dark Forces Ghost Forces

Hylian Captains


Ghost Captains

Hylian Soldiers

Bokoblin Captains

Ghost Soldiers

Fiery Aeralfos

Ghost Summoners












Item Location Condition
The Sacred Sword
Gold Skulltula Underneath the boulder in the northwest corner of the map. Defeat 1000 enemies
Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Out in the room with the Master Sword where you first encounter Wizzro. Defeat 2,000 enemies, discover all the sealed statues, and repel Wizzro.
Piece of Heart Capture the N. Temple Hall. Play as Lana
Heart Container Underneath the Boulder south of the Town Entrance. Play as Zelda


  • The temple greatly resembles the Temple of Time and surrounding Castle Town Market from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.
  • After clearing "The Sacred Sword" the first time, Zelda, Impa, Darunia, Midna, Fi, and Lana all become playable in this Scenario in Legend Mode. If playing as Zelda, Ruto leads the Hyrulean Forces. If playing as Darunia, Ruto activates the Statue of Wave and Flame.[11] If playing as Midna, Agitha activates the Statue of Twilight. If playing as Impa, Fi activates the Statue of Servitude. If playing as Lana, it is Fi who first volunteers to search for the sealed statues.


Names in Other Regions
  • 聖剣の神殿 (Seiken no Shinden) (HW)
  • 聖剣の神殿 (Seiken no Shinden) (HWDE)
  • Temple of the Sacred Sword
The French Republic
Temple de l'épée sacrée (HWDE)[13]Temple of the sacred sword
Temple de l'épée sacrée (HWDE)Temple of the sacred sword
The Federal Republic of Germany
Tempel des heiligen Schwertes (HWDE)[12]Temple of the sacred sword
The Italian Republic
Tempio della spada sacra (HWDE)Temple of the sacred sword
Latin America
Templo de la espada sagrada (HWDE)Temple of the sacred sword
The Kingdom of Spain
Templo de la Espada Sagrada (HWDE)Temple of the Sacred Sword
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