The Closed Door

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The Closed Door

TotK The Closed Door.png
Quest Giver Rauru
Location Great Sky Island

"The Closed Door" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


Rauru's introduction

After receiving the Purah Pad from a Steward Construct, Link is told that Zelda is waiting for him in the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island.[2] However, when he tries to activate the Terminal to open the Temple's door, The Terminal turns red and denies him entry. While Link is examining his new Right Arm, Rauru appears behind him, explaining that he can only open the door once he has a sufficient amount of power.[3] Rauru apologizes for startling Link, revealing that he was the original owner of the Arm and introducing himself.[4]

Rauru laments having to appear as a Spirit, since his physical form is gone.[5] He reasons that the Right Arm should have enough power to activate the Terminal, but it appears to have lost this ability.[6] To restore his Arm's Ancient Powers, Link must visit three of the Shrines of Light located on the Great Sky Island, [7] Looking towards Ukouh Shrine nearby, Rauru assures Link that the Shrines are the key to fixing the Arm before disappearing.[8] Afterwards, "The Closed Door" will begin.

Whenever Link enters a Shrine of Light, Rauru will appear before him yet again.[9] In the first Shrine, Rauru will explain that he was the original creator of the Shrines, and he believes they are capable of restoring the Right Arm's lost Ancient Powers.[10] He then asks Link to show him his hand,[11][12] granting him either Ultrahand, Fuse, or Ascend depending on the Shrine.[13][14][15] Link must then use these abilities to reach the end of the Shrine of Light.[16][17][18]

Once Link has completed his first Shrine of Light, Rauru appears in front of him, commending him for passing its trial and restoring one of the Right Arm's abilities.[19] Should Link two more Shrines, Rauru believes he will be able to enter the Temple of Time.[20] He suggests Link mark the locations of these Shrine with Pins with the Purah Pad's Scope, allowing him to keep track of them as he explores.[21]

After completing Ukouh Shrine, In-isa Shrine, and Gutanbac Shrine and receiving the Lights of Blessing, Rauru returns to Link, telling him that he has successfully restored some of the Right Arm's Ancient Powers.[22] He believes that Link is now capable of activating the Terminal in front of the Temple of Time.[23]

Now, when Link attempts to activate the Terminal in front of the Temple of Time, it will respond to his Right Arm and open the door. Once this is done, "The Closed Door" will be completed.


Stage Description
1 When you tried to open the door to the Temple of Time, Rauru appeared and said he was the original owner of your new arm.

He also said you need to revitalize the arm so the power of its touch will open the door. To do that, visit the island's shrines. A green light spirals above each of them.
2 Rauru appeared after you visited the three shrines. He said that you've revitalized enough power in your new arm to enter the Temple of Time.

The door will now open at the touch of your hand.
Complete After visiting the three shrines, you returned to the Temple of Time. Its door opened to your touch, no longer denying you entry. Somehow, your new arm was truly revitalized enough in those shrines.


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The People's Republic of China
紧闭之门 (Jǐn bì zhī mén)[24]Same as English.
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