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The Game Awards 2017 was an award show hosted and produced by Geoff Keighley.[2]


The Game Awards was hosted on December 7, 2017, in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.[1]

Nintendo shared a trailer and release date for The Champions' Ballad at the event. The trailer depicted the Master Cycle Zero and revealed that the DLC would release that same day.

Breath of the Wild was nominated for six award categories and won in three, including Game of the Year. Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi were in-person guests at the event to accept the awards and present the trailer for the Champions' Ballad.


The Legend of Zelda Games

Game Category Result
Breath of the Wild Best Art Direction Nominated
Breath of the Wild Best Score/Music Nominated
Breath of the Wild Best Audio Design Nominated
Breath of the Wild Best Action/Adventure Won
Breath of the Wild Best Game Direction Won
Breath of the Wild Game of the Year Won


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The Game Awards 2017
The Champions' Ballad and Master Cycle Zero trailer

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