The Legend of Zelda: An Original Version

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The Legend of Zelda: An Original Version, also known as New The Legend of Zelda, is a manga gamebook by Mitsunori Kitadono and Ikuo Miyazoe based on The Legend of Zelda.[2] The book is Number 13 in the "Adventure Hero's Books" series, which also contains the gamebook The Adventure of Link: The Legend of the Hero of Hyrule.


As denoted by the title, this work is an alternate take on the story of The Legend of Zelda. In this continuity, the newly formed kingdom of Hyrule is threatened by the evil Ganos. He demands Zelda as his bride and upon being refused, entraps her in a magic crystal. To rescue her would require the three scared treasures, which in this context have never been seen before. Enter Link, who in this version is a descendant of the Valcon, a race of elfin warriors who serve the goddess Valkyria. He is able to manifest an arsenal of weapons magically via his bracelets, and cast spells such as one that grants him the power of limited flight. Early on he encounters Com, a young thief who becomes his companion for the whole story (and who is revealed in the end to be this world's version of Impa). He is also aided by Cryckon, a crystalline bird and friend of the fairy Fonti (an ally of the Valcon). After overcoming many trials, Link and Com confront and defeat Ganos. Having assembled the Triforce, saved Zelda, and restored peace to Hyrule, Link once more sets off to continue his training.


Names in Other Regions
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 新・ゼルダの伝説 (Shin Zeruda no Densetsu)
New The Legend of Zelda


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