The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom is the twenty-first main installment in The Legend of Zelda series.

Game Information

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Following a decisive battle with Ganon to save Zelda, Ganon's Trident creates a magical rift in the floor. Link is swallowed into the abyss, but looses an Arrow on the Crystal holding Zelda before he disappears. Zelda is freed thanks to this heroic act and flees the battleground as the rift begins to grow. She is then reunited with Hyrulean Soldiers.

At some point, Zelda is imprisoned and meets a Fairy named Tri, who gives her the Tri Rod. This magical artifact gives her the ability to create Echoes of Objects and Enemies that she has defeated in battle. With Tri's aid, Zelda must save the Kingdom of Hyrule from the rifts that have begun to swallow its people.


Princess Zelda can use the Tri Rod to create Echoes, imitations of common Objects such as Tables and Old Beds that can be used to solve puzzles. Echoes of Objects can be stacked on top of each other to build makeshift stairways for Princess Zelda to climb. Enemies that have been defeated may sometimes leave behind miniature figures of themselves, which can be learned and recreated as Echoes that will fight for her.

Echoes appear to have a cost, which is represented by the triangle shapes that follow Tri. These shapes disappear from Tri's trail when an Echo is summoned to hover over the Echo. The cost for each Echo is displayed in a menu when selecting them, as well as when summoned. The menu for these Echoes is displayed in a horizontal row with five sorting options. Echoes are learned by standing near an Object or slain Enemy and pressing the ZR Button.

A screenshot of Zelda swimming underwater in a side-scrolling segment.
The Oxygen Gauge accompanying Zelda underwater

As with previous games, Rupees and Pieces of Heart also appear throughout the world. An Oxygen Gauge appears whenever Princess Zelda is submerged in Water, limiting her ability to dive and swim beneath the surface. In addition to swimming, Princess Zelda can jump at any time while standing on a surface. Echoes of flying Enemies can be summoned to allow Zelda to fly and glide through the air. Zelda can Rest on any Old Bed, although the exact uses for this mechanic are unknown. Cracked Walls and half-buried Treasure Chests also appear, indicating methods of destroying and retrieving them, respectively.

A screenshot of Zelda in a side-scrolling segment. She is holding onto silk strands created by a Skulltula.
Zelda traversing a side-scrolling segment

Though Hyrule is depicted in a top-down perspective, certain segments of the game are also shown in a side-scrolling fashion. Certain Echoes have unique properties in these segments, such as Skulltulas, which form vertical silk strands that Zelda can hold onto to cross gaps.

A screenshot of Zelda inside a dimension created by a Rift. Chunks of land float within a purple void. Blocky shapes of water cling to the side of the land, defying Gravity.
Zelda inside the Rift's dimension

The Rifts that appear throughout Hyrule often act as barriers, preventing passage through or to certain areas. Terrain and people that fall within a Rift appear inside another dimension where they float in a void. By an unknown method, Princess Zelda can enter these Rifts and traverse the terrain that has been transported across space. Because of the properties of this dimension, certain Echoes can be obtained that are otherwise impossible, such as Water Blocks which do not follow the normal rules of Gravity.

When playing as Link, he can use a Sword and a Bow to defeat enemies.[1]


Echoes of Wisdom was revealed and announced to be releasing on September 26, 2024, during the June 18, 2024 Nintendo Direct.



A promotional image of the Hyrule Edition Nintendo Switch Lite showing its front and back. Beneath the console, there is text that announces the release date: September 26, 2024.
The Nintendo Switch Lite - Hyrule Edition, announced in tandem with Echoes of Wisdom


Names in Other Regions
ゼルダの伝説 知恵のかりもの (Zeruda no Densetsu Chie no Kari Mono)[4]The Legend of Zelda: Borrowed Wisdom
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
薩爾達傳說 智慧的再現 (Sàěrdá Chuánshuō Zhìhuì De Zàixiàn)[3] 
The Republic of Korea
젤다의 전설 지혜의 투영 (Jelda-ui Jeonseol Jihyeui Tuyeong)[5] 
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