The Legend of the Fairy

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The Legend of the Fairy is a short tale in The Wind Waker.[name references needed]

Location and Uses

When Link uses the Tingle Tuner within the Tower of the Gods, Tingle can find five different pages of The Legend of the Fairy in various rooms on the second floor. All of the found pages can be read in the central hall of that floor, near the columns surrounding the Servants of the Tower.[1]


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It is said that long ago, a boy garbed in green known as the Hero of Time saved this land.

However, on a certain island, there is also a story of the fairy who saved that hero...

The Legend of the Fairy

It is said that the Hero of Time met the fairy in the midst of his travels.

The fairy appeared before the Hero, who had found himself lost in darkness.

With a mystic power, it would float in midair, dancing above his head like a burst balloon.

The Legend of the Fairy

After the fairy handed the lost Hero a map, if flew off as quickly as it had appeared.

Better able to foresee places of danger than the Hero, the fairy marked them on a map.

The Legend goes on to say the quest of the Hero of Time was saved by this plump figure...

The Legend of the Fairy

Fairies live for thousands of years... but this odd fairy was a bit different.

This mystical fairy was born near a lake, and when he met the Hero, he was but 35.

Beyond that, there is little known about that fairy...

The Legend of the Fairy

The Little-Known Legend of the Fairy's 35th Birthday

On one island, they celebrate one's 35th birthday with a green coat and red pants.

They do this in the hope of becoming like the legendary fairy, Tingle!

The Legend of the Fairy


Names in Other Regions
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  1. "Mr Fairy! I see something written here!
    "Anything associated with The Legend shines purple in this hall."
    Mr. Fairy? What is The Legend?
    Should we look for it?
    " — Tingle (The Wind Waker)