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The Sky is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3][name references needed]

Features and Overview

The Minish Cap

Before the events of The Minish Cap, It was said that the Minish descended from the Sky to grant the Hero of Men and the Royal Family a magical sword, the Picori Blade, and great magical power, the Light Force.[4]

Twilight Princess

The Sky is a great expanse of air that exists above the land of Hyrule. It is normally blue during the daytime and black and Star-studded at night, with the Sky turning a burnt orange when an area of the land is engulfed in Twilight.

Floating high in the Sky is the City in the Sky, an aerial city that houses the ancient Oocca. Link can reach it by launching himself out of the Sky Cannon.


Skyward Sword

Before the events of Skyward Sword, a large horde of monsters led by Demise appeared from beneath the ground of The Surface world, and began leading a massacre against the people of the Surface. The monsters wanted only one thing, the ultimate power given to Hylia by the gods of old.[5] To prevent the great power from falling into the hands of the demonic creatures, Her Grace gathered all the remaining humans on a plot of land and brought it up skyward.[6] Centuries later, the civilization living above the clouds is living a peaceful life, with the protection of the Statue of the Goddess depicting Hylia, presiding over them. The Statue of the Goddess was built so that Hylia, could keep the Goddess Sword, Fi, and the Triforce hidden away from the mortals, and to keep them safe for the chosen hero of the goddess.[7]

The technology of the region has also greatly advanced since Skyloft was risen into the heavens, even surpassing the Surface's technology, with windmills that have the power to raise the sacred Light Tower, Beedle's flying Air Shop, and various lighting and furnishing.[8] However, the people living there are known for their way to travel around the different Islands of The Sky, on large shoebill-like birds called Loftwings.[9] Having a Loftwing is what separates children from adults in this little society.[10]

There are numerous islands in which Link is able to travel to with the help of his Loftwing, earning treasures and Heart Containers after locating the corresponding Goddess Cube from the surface. Also located in the sky is the Thunderhead, where the great spirit of the skies, Levias, resides, as well as the main location of the Isle of Songs.



Treasure Chests

Goddess Cubes

Main article: Goddess Cube

Goddess Cubes are mysterious cubes spread onto the world by the Goddess Hylia in order to assist her chosen hero.[11][12] When Link uses the Skyward Strike on these cubes, it disappears from The Surface and beams into the sky, unlocking a Goddess's Treasure Chest.[13][14]


A distinctive aspect of Skyward Sword is the lack of roads connecting in-game areas. The developers designed the different areas to possess distinctive gameplay styles and mechanics, which made developing roads between different areas difficult. The developers eventually decided not to include roads, since if they could make the gameplay in each area sufficiently dense then they wouldn't have to physically join them. They initially attempted to do this using a course selection similar to that of the Super Mario Galaxy games, but they couldn't do it the exact same way and settled on the idea of a sky where Link would dive to the land below. According to the developers, after using the idea for some time in development, the pieces naturally fell together. The transportation, for instance, felt the most natural with a bird.[15]

Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Sky Islands appear in the Sky above Hyrule after the Upheaval began.[16] After his encounter with Demon King Ganondorf Beneath Hyrule Castle, Link is taken to the Room of Awakening on the Great Sky Island to recover by Rauru.[17] There, he begins to attain Ancient Powers he can use with his new Right Arm.[18][19] After passing through the Temple of Time, he is able to Skydive back down to Hyrule on the Surface.[20]

Sky Islands can be found throughout the Sky. Many of them can be reached by using Recall on Ruins Rubble that falls from them. Alternatively, Link can launch himself into the Sky using Skyview Towers. Several Shrines of Light can also be found on Sky Islands, allowing for easy travel to the Sky once activated.


Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Cadence of Hyrule

In Cadence of Hyrule, Cadence falls from the Sky when she is teleported to Hyrule.


Names in Other Regions
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