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Tilted Platforms are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW)[1][name references needed]

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Tilted Platforms are a type of Ancient Technology featured in several Ancient Shrines throughout Hyrule Kingdom. They are piston-like devices that jut outwards periodically. Alternatively, some Tilted Platforms only move once they have been activated by certain mechanisms, such as a Crystal, a Floor Switch, or a Concave Slot. Anything that is placed in front of a Tilted Platform when it extends itself will be pushed forward, including Link. However, certain Tilted Platforms are more gentle than others, allowing for a slower ascent. Launch Pads are similar to Tilted Platforms but differ in that they point straight upwards instead.


Ancient Shrine Location
Dow Na'eh Shrine Lanayru Promenade
Ishto Soh Shrine Gerudo Highlands
Ja Baij Shrine Eastern Abbey
Kaam Ya'tak Shrine Hyrule Field
Kah Okeo Shrine Tabantha Frontier
Katosa Aug Shrine East Akkala Stable
Kee Dafunia Shrine(TCB) Lanayru Sea
Kema Zoos Shrine West Barrens
Kiah Toza Shrine(TCB) Pikida Stonegrove
Monya Toma Shrine Hyrule Field
Rin Oyaa Shrine Snowfield Stable
Rohta Chigah Shrine(TCB) Great Plateau
Sato Koda Shrine(TCB) Upland Zorana
Shada Naw Shrine Selmie's Spot
Shae Loya Shrine Tabantha Bridge Stable
Sho Dantu Shrine Gerudo Highlands
Shoda Sah Shrine West Necluda
Yowaka Ita Shrine(TCB) Forest of Spirits
Zalta Wa Shrine Breach of Demise

Tears of the Kingdom


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