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Train is an interface in Spirit Tracks.[1]


The Train screen is a submenu of the Collection Screen screen. It displays the Train Cars in Link's possession.

The Train submenu is not accessible until Link obtains the Spirit Train from Anjean. When first opened, the bottom screen displays icons for the Engines, Cannons (if Link has obtained the Practical Cannon), Passenger Cars, and Freight Cars (if Link has obtained the Trusty Freight Car). Tapping an icon brings up the list of owned Train Cars corresponding to the specified type. Tapping on an item in the list brings up a rotating view of its model accompanied by a three-line description. The currently installed Train Car is selected by default and is indicated by a swirl on the list item. The list shows 3 Train Cars at a time and is scrolled using a draggable scrollbar on the right-hand side. The arrows above and below the scrollbar can also be tapped to move the scrollbar up or down one position.


  • When Link obtains the Freight Car, the four Train Car icons overlap their containing border.



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