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Stations are stopping points for Trains in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Featuresand Overview

There is a total of 22 interconnected Stations covering the entirety of New Hyrule. Each Station is built in a similar fashion, having a small roof built over the platform and a Stop Sign in place to help Engineers know where to bring their Trains to a halt to dock at the Station's platform.


Forest Realm

Snow Realm

Ocean Realm

Fire Realm

Sand Realm


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Stations in Spirit Tracks
Aboda VillageTrading PostWhittletonForest SanctuaryRabbitland RescueHyrule CastleCastle TownForest TempleAnouki VillageAnouki VillageSnow SanctuaryBridge Worker's HomeWellspring StationSlippery StationSnowdrift StationSnow TempleSnow TempleTower of SpiritsPapuchia VillagePirate HideoutOcean SanctuaryOcean FloorLost at Sea StationOcean TempleSand SanctuarySand TempleGoron Target RangeFire SanctuaryGoron VillageFire TempleDisorientation StationDark Ore MineEnds of the Earth StationDark Realm

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