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Traysi is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][5]


Breath of the Wild

Traysi is a Hylian investigative journalist who can be found researching her next story in Gerudo Town.[6][7] She is the author of the Rumor Mill, which she claims is Hyrule's leading news publication.[8] Traysi traveled to Gerudo Town after hearing of the Town's recent troubles and even hints at her own experience with the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[9]

Link can first encounter Traysi while she is speaking with the Gerudo guard Ploka. Ploka is denying Traysi access to the Gerudo Town palace, though Traysi vows to keep trying.[10][11] If Link speaks to Traysi, she tells him that she is busy gathering information.[12] If Link asks her about the information, she expresses disbelief if Link says he has never heard of it,[8] claiming that he is lying.[13] Traysi exclaims that she is an award-winning journalist and that Link cannot hide anything from her.[6][14] If Link says that he has heard of the Rumor Mill, Traysi is relieved,[15] unsure how she would react.[16] Either way, she reassures confidence in herself and hopes that Link enjoys reading her publication.[17][18][19] After continually being denied entry to the palace, Traysi becomes agitated and questions why Ploka finds her suspicious.[20]

After Link speaks with Lady Riju, Traysi can be found standing on the Town wall overlooking the Gerudo Desert and taking notes.[21] When she notices Link, Traysi pauses and tells him she is investigating rumors of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[22][23] Traysi reveals she is interested in writing about the Divine Beast and mentions how much money she could make by covering the story.[23][24] When Link asks her about her progress, she notes that the two large humps on the Beast's back seem to be generating electric current.[25] Traysi also notes that there may be an entrance underneath the Beast's tail, but warns that gaining access may be difficult due to the height of the entrance and the lightning around the Beast.[26][27] She suggests it would be easier to access the Beast if someone were to trip the Beast by entangling its legs.[28] Traysi then abruptly ends the conversation and suggests Link should gather his own information.[29]

Once Link has calmed the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Traysi wanders around Gerudo Town in search of a new story. She decides to write a book about the Gerudo people.[7] Traysi takes notes while speaking with several characters and offers to share bits of information with Link.[30] Traysi mentions that the average Gerudo is about the same height as a Voltfruit tree and weighs as much as ten Hydromelons.[31][32][33] While analyzing Ashai's relationship class, Traysi expresses surprise about the Gerudo peoples' serious demeanor.[34] While interviewing the male Gorons, Strade and Lyndae, she remarks that male Gorons seem to easily enter Gerudo Town, even though males are forbidden.[35] Traysi also notes that Lover's Pond can be a "double-edged sword" while chatting with Muava.[36]

Seven volumes of the Rumor Mill can be found scattered throughout Hyrule. Each volume covers a topic of local gossip, which are discussed and recommended by Traysi using a 1 through 5 star-scale rating. In the first volume, found in Kakariko Village's Armor Shop, Enchanted, Traysi covers the legend of Lover's Pond.[37] She details a rumor of "The Sword that Seals the Darkness" hiding in a forest in her second volume which can be read at Rito Stable.[38] The third volume can be found inside Outskirt Stable. In it, Traysi tells readers about Koroks that can be spotted all throughout the land.[39] Star Fragments from "Falling Stars" are the topic of the fourth volume, located at East Akkala Stable.[40] At Wetland Stable, the fifth volume covers recent sightings of the Dragons Dinraal, Farosh and Naydra.[41] The sixth volume can be found at Lakeside Stable. In that publication, Traysi recalls a story about a hunter shooting an arrow at a Blupee, a glowing rabbit-like creature, only to find Rupees where the creature had been.[42] At Kara Kara Bazaar's Inn, the seventh and final volume of the Rumor Mill details Hyrule Castle, including a secret room formerly used by King Rhoam as well as Princess Zelda's laboratory.[43]

In The Master Trials DLC Pack, Link can find two volumes of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some of the items included in the DLC. The first volume can be found at Woodland Stable and discusses the Korok Mask.[44]. The second volume, which mentions the Travel Medallion, can be found in South Akkala Stable.[45]

In The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Link can find two more volumes of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some of the items included with the DLC. The third volume of the series can be found in the Highland Stable, while the fourth volume can be found in the Riverside Stable. In addition, Traysi plays a part in the "EX Champion Urbosa's Song" Main Quest of The Champions' Ballad. After activating the Monument at the East Gerudo Mesa, Link can find Traysi on a mesa in the East Barrens of the Gerudo Desert. If Link approaches her dressed as a man, she expresses surprise and asks if he is the "pretty gal" she saw in Gerudo Town.[46][47] Link reacts in surprise and Traysi continues to compliment him for cleverly sneaking into Gerudo Town and promises not to report this gossip.[48] Link then scratches the back of his head and Traysi goes on to say that she is tracking down some gossip and decides to tell Link about the rumor.[49] Traysi explains that just when the Desert seemed calm after Naboris had settled,[50] a mysterious type of Molduga appeared.[51] She says that the Gerudo soldiers attempted to fight it, but their weapons were ineffective.[52] Traysi then wonders what kind of weapon would work against the Molduga.[53] This Molduga, known as Molduking, is found right next to the mesa where Traysi stands. If Link speaks to Traysi again after defeating the Molduking, she says that she saw the fight and is surprised that Link was able to defeat it.[54] Traysi then asks if she may write a report about Link.[55] Link declines and Traysi says that he would have had a lot of female attention and fans.[56] As a result, Traysi decides to investigate Gerudo Town for a more interesting story.[57]

According to Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 4, Traysi reveals she hopes that the kingdom of Hyrule is one day restored in the hopes that a Royal Guard in shining armor will come and sweep her off her feet.[58]

Tears of the Kingdom

Traysi has founded the Lucky Clover Gazette.


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