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Triforce Gateways are Objects in Tri Force Heroes.[name references needed] They act as Warp Points that transport the Links throughout the Drablands.

Location and Uses

Triforce Gateways appear in many locations throughout Tri Force Heroes. They initially appear as three dark triangles, slightly raised from the floor, representing the pieces of the Triforce. Once activated, the triangles glow a bright yellow. When each of the Links stands on a triangle, they will Warp to the Drablands.[1]

There are three Triforce Gateways in Hytopia Castle. In the Multiplayer lobby, the Triforce Gateway becomes active once all three heroes have gathered. In the Hall of the Doppels, Link can Warp to the Drablands in the company of two Doppels instead of allies. The Triforce Gateway in the Coliseum lobby can be activated and used by only two Links as well as three.

Triforce Gateways also appear throughout the Drablands at the end of each Stage in a Level, and are used to Warp to the beginning of the next Stage. They are often inactive at the start of a Stage, and will become active once certain conditions are met, such as all Enemies being defeated or every Shock Switch turned on. The Den of Trials also uses Triforce Gateways in its hub area to allow the Links to select which Stage to begin on.


Names in Other Regions
トライフォース (Toraifōsu)[3]Triforce
Symbole de la Triforce[8]Triforce Symbol
The French Republic
Symbole de la Triforce[5]Triforce Symbol
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Simbolo della Triforza[2]Triforce Symbol
The Republic of Korea
트라이포스 (Teuraiposeu)[6]Triforce
Latin America
Símbolo de la Trifuerza[7]Triforce Symbol
The Kingdom of Spain
Símbolo de la TrifuerzaTriforce Symbol
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