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Twilight,[1] also known as the World of Shadows,[2] the Darkened Realm,[3] the Land Covered in Twilight,[4], the Black Cloud of Twilight,[5] and the Netherworld,[6] refers to any region of land stripped of Light. Under the effects of Twilight, inhabitants of the afflicted areas either turn into Spirits or monsters of shadow. Twilight is created and utilized by Zant to gradually cover the entire Kingdom of Hyrule in shadow during his conquest.[7] The spreading Twilight becomes a serious threat to Hyrule that Link is tasked with combating. This Twilight is distinct from the twilight that naturally occurs during dusk.

Features and Overview

Light in Hyrule is sustained by the four Spirits of Light, who act as guardians for their respective provinces. During the events of Twilight Princess, Zant steals the Light from the Light Spirits by creating a dark fog composed of light-absorbing shadow crystals similar in nature to the one encountered in the Palace of Twilight.[7][8] The kingdom of Hyrule is slowly overtaken by Twilight as its Light vanishes in each province.

Once overtaken by the Twilight, the inhabitants of the afflicted area lose their physical bodies and turn into Spirits, unaware of their current state. Furthermore, the Shadow Beasts have the ability to change them into monsters.[9] However, there are a select few who can survive in the Twilight without becoming a lost soul. Bearers of the Triforce can usually withstand the effects of the Twilight. Link, bearer of the Triforce of Courage, transforms into a wolf and Princess Zelda, bearing the Triforce of Wisdom, maintains her normal physical form.

Not all beings are turned into Spirits however. The enemy creatures that Link encounters are turned into "shadow creatures" within the Twilight. Bulblins, along with Keese, Deku Babas and Kargaroks are just a few of the creatures that change form under the influence of the Twilight.

Hyruleans normally cannot enter areas engulfed in Twilight, unless a creature from the Twilight draws them in through the Black Barrier.[10] Midna is able to pull Link into a Black Barrier, being a Twili herself. Once someone has entered the Twilight, it is often impossible to escape or recover.[11] Only with the help of a member of the Twili race can a lost soul or anything trapped in the Twilight escape.[12][13] In each province, the Tears of Light of the Light Spirits needs to be recovered from the Shadow Insects in order for them to be revived. The Light Spirits will give Link the Vessel of Light in order to collect and carry the Tears. Once the Light Spirits regain their power, the Twilight is lifted and the inhabitants return to normal.

Twilight Realm

Main article: Twilight Realm

The perpetual Twilight of the Twilight Realm is different in nature compared to the Twilight produced by Zant. The latter exerts a corrupting influence over Hyrule, while the former is comparable to the Twilight encountered naturally in Hyrule during sunset. The Twilight Realm itself is described as a beautiful world, and its inhabitants, albeit exposed in the Twilight, as gentle, pure-hearted beings.[14][15]

Non-Canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Twilight, also occasionally referred to as the Twilight Realm,[16][17] appears as a feature of the Twilight Field stage during the "Land of Twilight" Scenario.[18] The Twilight is used by Midna and her Forces to conquer most of the field during their attack on the Dark Forces. When Lana and the Hyrulean Forces arrive, they are unable to pinpoint the location of the Gate of Souls as a result of the Twilight obscuring most of the area.[19] Twilight appears when Midna's Forces conquers a Keep in the field, which surrounds the Keep in dark, orange walls with purple gates resembling the Black Barrier.[20] On the map, these conquered Keeps are obscured by dark squares. Unlike the Twilight from Twilight Princess, the afflicted Keeps can be freely entered and entering them does not transform any of troops from either side into Spirits or monsters, but rather provides Midna with power for each Keep.[21] Like normal Keeps, the afflicted Keeps can be taken over and its Twilight dispelled by defeating its Keep Boss.[22] While Agitha and her Goddess Butterfly leads the Hyrulean Forces to the Gate of Souls, she manages to open the gateways to one of the afflicted Keeps, where the Hyrulean Forces find Midna and learn she is the source of the Twilight.

While Midna's Twilight spreads, her attack power increases significantly. Her power can be decreased by conquering the afflicted Keeps,[23][24] forcing her to retreat to the Eldin Bridge Keep to plan a counterattack. Closing off all sources of Twilight removes her power completely. Although while conquering the Keeps makes her easier to fight, it is not required to defeat her.


  • According to the original Japanese text, Midna mentions that Link, being a Hyrulean, should avoid contact with the Dark Fog found in the Palace of Twilight, possibly implying that the Twilight of the realm is harmless.[25][26]


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