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The Temple of Ice is the sixth dungeon in Phantom Hourglass.

Entrance to the Temple

The Temple of Ice is located on the Isle of Frost.

Themes and Navigation

This dungeon provides Link with quite a few challenges, many of which force Link to employ every possible trick with the Grappling Hook, the item found in the dungeon. The dungeon's boss is Gleeok, a two-headed dragon that has also been seen in other Zelda games.

The surface of the Ice Temple, as the name may suggest, is a slick ice sheet surrounded by seemingly bottomless pits. The Grappling Hook helps Link speed through the hazards safely. The majority of puzzles here are levers to be pulled with the Grappling Hook.

The path to the Boss Key, as well as the room with the Grappling Hook are guarded by fearsome Yook.

It is optional whether the player completes this temple before or after the Goron Temple.