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Joined October 19, 2022[note 1]
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Hey, it's me PanchamBro. I'm an artist, as well as a wiki editor here, occasionally here to contribute.

Zelda is a weird topic for me. It used to be one of my go-to franchises to play with back in 2017, when I had nothing to do. I may not have gotten Breath of the Wild, but I did play Oracle of Ages/Seasons and A Link to the Past to warrant some Zelda knowledge. I slowly lost interest however, The Minish Cap ruined it for me. I will say though that Zelda is still a nice franchise to go.

In case you're interested, this account was originally associated with Fandom, as it was created back on September 6, 2016 as a way to distance myself from my older Fandom/Wikia username. It was Sans the Lazy Skeleton, but later got renamed to SansUT1. Unfortunately, it became my permanent username for the wikifarm thanks to restricting preventing users from being renamed more than once. Ultimately this account first entered the Zelda Wiki space on March 17, 2021 during its time on Gamepedia (and later Fandom), but after its forking on October 19, 2022, I've been able to finally and for once unify under PanchamBro for every NIWA wiki.

I'm available at other wikis as PanchamBro (for Fandom, I'm known as SansUT1, which yeah you probably already know since I mentioned it), and social media as well. You can find me on Bulbapedia, Nookipedia, SmashWiki, and Super Mario Wiki. For more information on the list of wikis I'm involved in, check out my page here. Additional contact info, such as links to my Tumblr and Twitter, can be found on Carrd.'re still here? It's over. Go home. Go.


  1. Technically yes, since my account data tells this so, but this is far from the case. See my full profile for details, but tl;dr this account was created on September 6, 2016 on Fandom and was only connected to Zelda Wiki when I made my first edit here on March 17, 2021.