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Uhhh hi? Don't know why you're here, but since you are, here's some random stuff for you to read. Or if you don't want to, you can go.

Random facts that don't really count as trivia

  • The Downfall Timeline is the only timeline without a Toon Zelda.
  • Tingle is the only character besides the three wielders of the Triforce to appear in all of the timelines.
    • This is also technically true for Fi, since the Master Sword is present in every timeline and Fi lives within the sword. However, she does not appear directly, unlike Tingle.
  • The Downfall Timeline is the only timeline that does not give Link a fairy companion.
  • The Adult Timeline is the only timeline that gives Link any human companions.
  • OoT!Link is the only Link to have canon appearances in more than one timeline, as he is also present in Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.

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