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Sir Hylian III is the light being who above all wishes to improve articles at Zelda Wiki in any way possible.

Family History

Sir Hylian I

When the Goddess Hylia was fighting a war to seal Demise, a disruption in the fabric of the universe caused an entire person to be created out of light at the very moment Demise was sealed away. This person, known as Harrison Hylian, was seen as a symbol of the peaceful times that were to follow Demise's sealing. Her Grace loved Harrison Hylian very much, and thus, before she took a mortal form, she decided to knight him.

Sir Hylian was viewed as a product of Hylia's valiant actions, and the races of the surface decided to make him their King. His rule was uninterrupted by any sort of bad occurrences, since the only ones living on the surface were obedient servants of Her Grace. Sir Hylian lived a long and happy life watching over the people of the surface, until old age claimed his life.

Sir Hylian II

In Sir Hylian's dying moments, his heart shone forth with a blinding light which manifested itself into a son. Sir Hylian I had the son kneel next to his deathbed, and there he was knighted Sir Hylian II.

Sir Hylian II went into seclusion after deeming the position of king too weighty for him. He managed to live on his own in a land distant from Hyrule until word spread that war was ensuing in Hyrule. He decided at that moment to protect his homeland, and thus became a soldier in the Hylian-Gerudo war. He was a valiant knight and was a crucial part of the Hylians' victory in the war.

In the war's final battle, he suffered a stab wound from Ganon himself, and in the manner of his father, he bore a son that would be knighted Sir Hylian III.

Sir Hylian III

Sir Hylian III decided war was not the path for him and instead decided to edit pages on Zelda Wiki to benefit others. His work is appreciated to this day.