Water and Fire

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This article is about the Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. For other uses, see Water and Fire (Disambiguation).
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Water and Fire

Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Lanayru Wetlands
Playable Character(s)
Main Theme Music
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
Calamity StrikesAir and Lightning[note 1]

"Water and Fire" is the second Scenario of Chapter 5 and fourteenth overall in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


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Layer 1Layer 2Divine Beast Vah RudaniaDivine Beast Vah RutaDivine Beast
Win condition Rescue Mipha and Daruk
Lose condition Mipha or Daruk flees

After gaining hope that they might be able to save the Champions and their Divine Beasts, Link and Zelda decide to take the opportunity to try and save them.

Mipha and Daruk are battling Waterblight Ganon and Fireblight Ganon in their respective Divine Beasts. However, Sidon arrives to protect Mipha, while Yunobo arrives to protect Daruk, preventing the deaths of the two Champions.

Meanwhile, Link and Zelda arrive at the Lanayru Wetlands to witness a large number of Zora Soldiers and Goron Soldiers fighting various monsters surrounding the Divine Beasts. With Divine Beast Vah Rudania surrounded by Lava, Zelda opts to save Mipha first.[2]

Objective Rescue Mipha

A Zora Captain advises the group that Mipha is trapped inside of Vah Ruta, encouraging them to hurry.[3] Traveling to a cliff overlooking the Divine Beast, Impa expresses shock upon seeing the Pools of Malice coating the surrounding area, wondering if they were created by Calamity Ganon.[4] On Zelda's instructions, they investigate the vicinity.[5]

Objective Find a way to extinguish the Malice swamp

In an effort to clear the Malice, they discover an Eye of Malice, which summons a Black Moblin to protect itself.[6] With the Eye of Malice destroyed, the first layer of the Malice swamp dissolves.[7] Zelda advises the heroes to destroy other Eyes to disperse the swamp.[8]

Objective Seek out and defeat the Eye of Malice

When the group finds the Eye of Malice, it summons a Black Moblin and an Electric Moblin to defend itself.[9] While the two Moblins are alive, the Eye of Malice cannot be damaged. After the Eye is destroyed, a second row of Pools of Malice disappear.[10] The group go searching for one final Eye.[11] The final eye is located next to a Monster Stronghold, and summons an Ice Lynel.[12] When the Lynel is destroyed, the Eye can be destroyed to disperse the final layer of the Malice swamp, allowing access to Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[13]

The group defeats monsters and the Eyes of Malice behind them to destroy the Malice surrounding Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and one of the two goes inside and fights alongside Mipha and Sidon against Waterblight Ganon.

After defeating him, Mipha prepares to use Divine Beast Vah Ruta's water to cool the lava around Divine Beast Vah Rudania. After defeating an Igneo Talus that was in the way, Zelda and Link, now alongside Sidon, charge to Divine Beast Vah Rudania, defeat a Fire Lynel, then go inside the Divine Beast Vah Rudania to face off alongside Daruk and Yunobo against Fireblight Ganon.

After rescuing the two Champions, Daruk and Yunobo use Divine Beast Vah Rudania to help the defensive forces by destroying the bridges that Guardians are crossing, and by destroying their headquarters.


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Water en vuur[15]Same as English
The French Republic
Sauvetage dans l'est d'Hyrule[14] 
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  1. "Water and Fire" is listed sequentially in Chapter 5's list of Scenarios but is chronologically interchangeable with "Air and Lightning".


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