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This page is about the location in Phantom Hourglass. For the location in Breath of the Wild, see Zauz Island.

Zauz's Island is a hidden island located in the northwest corner of the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass.[1] It is home to the blacksmith, Zauz, who lives in utter solitude amongst the several Cuccos that reside there as well.

Features and Overview

The island is the northernmost island in the northwestern sea, and does not appear on Link's Sea Chart until he is close enough for Ciela to notice it.[2] The location of the island is first revealed by a map inside a hidden cave on the Isle of Gust, which was drawn by the Old Wayfarer. After Link saves Tetra from the Ghost Ship, Oshus tells him he must go to Zauz's Island, and reveals its location.[3] The island is one of the smallest islands that can be visited in Phantom Hourglass, and unlike most other islands, is made up of a single piece of land. In the center of the island are two raised pieces of land. The one on the left is larger, and is home to Zauz's house and a fenced in area containing three Cuccos. In order to reach the one on the right, Link must pick up a Cucco nearby and use it to glide across the gap. It is home to a Treasure Chest containing a Wisdom Gem. The island is also home to a small puzzle of sorts, described in vague detail by a stone tablet at the northern coast of the island. On the island, there are two pairs of stone tiles; one in the west, and one in the east. When two connecting lines are drawn between each pair, they converge at a point at the isle's southern tip. If Link digs at the intersection of the two imaginary lines, he will unearth a buried Treasure Map.[4]

The southwest area of the island is home to the island's Dock, as well as the island's Mailbox, which is located just a few steps to the right of where Linebeck stands. From there, a path heads straight to the right and then straight up towards Zauz's Hut.



Names in Other Regions
サウズの島 (Sauzu no Shima)[6]
The French Republic
Ile de Sazu[8]
Ile de Sazu
The Federal Republic of Germany
Sauz' Insel[7]
The Italian Republic
Isola di Effesto[5]
Latin America
Isla de Zauz[9]
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla de Zauz
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