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Challenge #11 - July 25th, 2020 - What are Knight Challenges?
What are Knight Challenges?

Knight Challenges are a serialized set of challenges made by the community, typically revolving around a central theme. Each challenge fits into one of three categories, which matches the various ways that people can contribute to the Wiki. These categories are themed after the Golden Goddesses and their roles in the creation of Hyrule, and the ultimate goal of each article is for all of these categories to exist in harmony. Contributors to these categories are known as Knights.

Knights of Din specialize in graphics and templates. Just as Din created the foundation of the world for life and law to exist, articles are nothing without their foundational templates and images. You can find the active Trello card for the Knights of Din here.

Knights of Farore specialize in content writing. Just as Farore created life to inhabit the world, articles are devoid of life without any content to read. You can find the active Trello card for the Knights of Farore here.

Knights of Nayru specialize in research and citations. Just as Nayru created laws to give order to the life of the world, articles are nothing more than speculative and uninformed claims without research and citations to uphold the content of pages. You can find the active Trello card for the Knights of Nayru here.

Each group of Knights compete to complete their respective challenges. The Knights who win a challenge receive special benefits, such as the ability to determine future Knight Challenge themes as well as what articles we focus on for Wiki Collabs. Participants can contribute to multiple Knight groups, though whichever group they contribute more towards will be considered their primary group. At the end of a challenge, participant contributions are collected and tallied, and members of the winning group will be asked to determine the next theme.