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This article is about a type of location found throughout Hyrule. For the specific location, see Zonai Ruins.

Zonai Ruins are a recurring type of location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

Zonai Ruins are the overgrown remains of Zonai civilization from an unknown era.[3] They are present all throughout Hyrule, though they are most concentrated in the Faron Grasslands and the southern portion of Necluda. However, several Ruins are also present in Akkala, Central Hyrule, Gerudo, and Hebra. Several of these Ruins have been built in conjunction with Ancient Hylian Ruins, such as the Spring of Courage, or Ancient Shrines created by the Sheikah.[3] Their architecture features a distinct swirl pattern, which is emblematic of the Zonai themselves.[3] Many Zonai Ruin statues depict Dragons, owls, and Boars.

The most prevalent type of Zonai Ruins are Zonai Towers, spreading as far north as Central Hyrule and Hebra. Though their purpose is unknown, rumors state that the Zonai may have used them for magic.[3]

In southern Necluda, several of the Stone Statues that mark Offering Spots are replaced by Zonai Ruin statues.

List of Zonai Ruins

Zonai Ruins are the primary feature of the following locations:

Other Zonai Ruins, including Zonai Towers, are present at the following locations:

Tears of the Kingdom

When the Sky Islands appeared at the beginning of the Upheaval, a large number of Zonai Ruins where revealed. Many of them fell to the Surface of Hyrule, though a large number of Ruins remain in the Sky.

List of Zonai Ruins

Ring Ruins


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