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Zora's Domain,(OoT | TP | ALBW | BotW | HWAoC)[1][2][3][4] also known as the Land of the Zoras,(OoT)[5] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. It is based on Zora's Waterfall from A Link to the Past. It serves as the home of the aquatic race known as the Zora.

Features and Overview

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Zora's Domain is located in the northeast section of Hyrule and is home to King Zora and his daughter, Princess Ruto.[6] It consists of a large cavernous area mostly filled with water, with a large waterfall flowing from the top into the lower area. Its source of water comes from Zora's Fountain, to which it is closely linked. The only ways to access the domain are from Zora's River or via a secret entrance hidden underwater in Lake Hylia; however, only those who have some connection with the Royal Family of Hyrule are allowed to enter.[7] To enter via Zora's River, Link will need to play "Zelda's Lullaby" in front of the seemingly impassable waterfall at the end of the river to prove his connection to the Royal Family. This will cause the waterfall to momentarily split in two, allowing the young hero to access Zora's Domain.

Link's first visit to the domain is called upon during his search for the third Spiritual Stone, the Zora's Sapphire. He ventures Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly in Zora's Fountain to rescue Princess Ruto, receiving the Spiritual Stone in return. Seven years later, after Link awakens from having pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal, the young hero returns to Zora's Domain to find it completely frozen over. Moreover, the entrance to Lake Hylia has been blocked by ice. The only Zoras that inhabit it are King Zora and the shopkeeper of the Zora Shop, and both of them are frozen over by Red Ice, which only Blue Fire can melt.[8] Sheik explains that the ice is caused by an evil curse, and the source of the curse is Morpha, a monster in the Water Temple. The only way to restore Zora's Domain to its natural state is by destroying Morpha. Thus, Link ventures to the Water Temple where, with the aid of Princess Ruto, the source of the curse is shut off.[9] Princess Ruto, awakening as the Sage of Water, thanks to Link for his help and reassures him that Zora's Domain and its people will eventually return to their original state.[10]

During the ending credits, Zora's Domain is shown to have been thawed out, although it is still empty since all of the Zoras are in Lon Lon Ranch celebrating the defeat of Ganondorf.


Twilight Princess

Frozen Zora in Zora's Domain

In Twilight Princess, Zora's Domain is located in the Lanayru Province, and it serves as Hyrule's source of water. The water flow comes from the throne room, situated above the domain. From here, the water streams into the rest of the village, forming the Zora's Waterfall and continuing its path to Upper Zora's River and eventually reaching Lake Hylia. Zora's Domain is also connected to Snowpeak, and it is the only way to access that region other than Warping. Link can access the throne room by asking one of the Zoras near the waterfall to take him upstream.[11]

When Link first visits Zora's Domain, he finds that it has been completely frozen over and all the Zoras have been trapped under the thick sheet of ice. Since the domain is frozen, Zora's River has dried up as well as Lake Hylia.[12] Link must warp a Molten Shard from Death Mountain with the help of Midna and drop it into the throne room, which will cause the ice to shatter and allow the water to flow again. With Zora's Domain now thawed and the Zoras safe, Wolf Link and Midna begin to head out of the throne room when Rutela makes an apparition before them, stopping them on their way out. She thanks them for saving her village and her people,[13] and informs them of her unfortunate fate.[14] Rutela asks Link to save her son Ralis and promises to give him the Zora Armor in return, which is necessary to enter the Lakebed Temple.[15]

Later on in the game, after Link obtains the Coral Earring from Prince Ralis, the young hero must revisit Zora's Domain to fish in an area known as the Mother-and-Child Rocks.[16] It is here that the Reekfish dwell, a rare fish specimen unique to the Zora village.[17] Once Link manages to catch a Reekfish, he will be able to pick up the Reekfish Scent that is necessary to navigate through Snowpeak.

After Link obtains the Water Bombs and Zora Armor, he can sink to the bottom of the throne room and blow up the remains of the Molten Shard, releasing a Goron that was trapped in it. By speaking to him, Link will receive a Bomb Bag. Eventually, Prince Ralis will return to Zora's Domain and sit in the throne room in place of his mother.

Zora's Domain is last seen during the ending credits, showing Queen Rutela looking over her son.


A Link Between Worlds

Zora's Domain appears again in A Link Between Worlds as the abode of Queen Oren and her Underlings. When Link first visits Zora's Domain, he bumps into the Shady Guy, who has stolen Oren's Smooth Gem. This causes discord among the Zoras, as Oren begins to uncontrollably bloat without the Smooth Gem. After Link returns the stolen Smooth Gem, Oren gives the young hero the Zora's Flippers out of gratitude.

After Oren is trapped within a Painting and subsequently released, she vows to return to Zora's Domain once Link defeats Yuga and Ganon.[18]

Breath of the Wild

Mipha's Statue in Zora's Domain

In Breath of the Wild, Zora's Domain is located within the Lanayru Great Spring and is the home of the Zora. Travelers entering the area by foot cross the Great Zora Bridge over Ruto Lake. There, they are greeted with a view of a large stone Fish surmounting the Domain, which represents Lord Jabu-Jabu.[19] Unlike other towns in the game, Zora's Domain consists of a single extensive structure instead of separate buildings. Its design include a number of curving bridges and open spaces, which are often bounded by colonnades instead of walls. The Domain's structure includes large quantities of Luminous Stone, which causes several portions of it to glow softly during the night. These structures are maintained by two Zora artisans, Fronk and Ledo, apprenticed under Dento.[20][21] Upkeep of the Domain requires the use of large quantities of Luminous Stone.[22]

The Great Zora Bridge opens into the Zora's Domain Square, which is centered around Mipha's Statue. The far side of the plaza is bounded by the central structure of the Domain. The central opening in the wall leads down a short flight of stairs to a pool containing Fleet-Lotus Seeds and Bright-Eyed Crabs. The Ne'ez Yohma Shrine is found in the center of this pool. To the sides of this opening are a shopping center, Marot Mart, and the Seabed Inn. A pair of stairways on the outer sides of these buildings lead to the Domain's second floor, where a large roofed area contains the Sleeping Chamber. Two further flights of stairs lead to the royal Throne Room on the third level. Between the steps to the Throne Room is the Domain's Goddess Statue, where Link can exchange four Spirit Orbs for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.[23] Below Zora's Domain are several small islands within a large lake, though a Ladder can be used to return to the entrance.

10,000 years ago, Zora's Domain was founded after the Zora moved to Lanayru, which was due to the pure Water that could be found there.[24] The Ore in the Region also inspired the Domain's architecture.[25] However, the Rain that plagued Lanayru every 10 years would sweep away the Zora who lived there, resulting in the construction of the East Reservoir Lake in order to contain the Water.[26] When Ancient Technology was banished from Hyrule, Divine Beast Vah Ruta was hidden at Zora's Domain, where it would be found again centuries later.[27][28] In the present, the Domain is ruled by King Dorephan, with Sidon as his heir.[29]

Aside from their princess Mipha, who was piloting Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Zora's Domain suffered no casualties as a result of the Great Calamity.[30] Shortly before Link woke up from his Slumber of Restoration, Divine Beast Vah Ruta activated in the East Reservoir Lake for the first time since the Great Calamity, where it began to generate an endless amount of Water.[30] The Rain caused by this threatened the integrity of the dams surrounding the Lake, which would have washed away Zora's Domain and flooded parts of Hyrule.[30][31] Sidon left the Domain to find a Hylian to help the Zora, eventually coming upon Link.[30][32]

Sidon thanking Link for saving Zora's Domain

As part of the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest, Link manages to calm Vah Ruta and end the Rainfall over the Lanayru Great Spring.[33] To celebrate this, the Zora gather in the Domain's Throne Room, where King Dorephan publicly thanks Link for his deeds.[34] As a reward for saving Zora's Domain, King Dorephan gifts Link the Lightscale Trident, which previously belonged to his daughter, Mipha.[35] Sidon also thanks Link for helping save the Domain, shaking his hand and reciting a Zora cheer.[36]

After starting the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest, Link can obtain the "Diving is Beauty!", "Lynel Safari", and "Luminous Stone Gathering" Side Quests at Zora's Domain.[37][38][39] Once the Divine Beast has been appeased, four new Side Quests become available in Zora's Domain, those being "A Wife Washed Away",[40] "Frog Catching",[41] "The Giant of Ralis Pond",[42] and "Zora Stone Monuments".[43] Link is also able to obtain "The Ceremonial Song" Shrine Quest at this time.[44]

A total of 10 Treasure Chests are hidden around Zora's Domain. Two stone Chests can be found at the ends of the ring surrounding the Domain, and they contain a Silver Bow and an Opal. Five additional stone Treasure Chests can be found on the islands below the Domain, within which are two Zora Spears, a Silver Shield, a bundle of five Fire Arrows, and a Silver Rupee. Lastly, three metal Chests are submerged in the Water below Zora's Domain, and they contain a bundle of five Ice Arrows, an Amber, and an Opal.

Two Korok Seed Puzzles can be found within Zora's Domain, both of which being Leaves with Fairy Dust. The first is located on the head of the Domain's Fish statue, while the other is located on its tail. Whenever Link interacts with a group of these Leaves, a Korok will appear and give him a Korok Seed.[45]





Tears of the Kingdom

Related Quests
An icon of the Main Quest. A screenshot of the Main Quest. Sidon of the Zora
Main Quest
An icon of an exclamation mark representing a person giving the Main Quest. Yona An icon representing the location of the Main Quest. Zora's Domain
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Sidon of the Zora
An icon of an exclamation mark representing a person giving the Main Quest. Yona An icon representing the location of the Main Quest. Zora's Domain
An icon of the Main Quest. A screenshot of the Main Quest. Sidon of the Zora
Main Quest
An icon of an exclamation mark representing a person giving the Main Quest. Yona An icon representing the location of the Main Quest. Zora's Domain
An icon of the Main Quest. Main Quest
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Sidon of the Zora
An icon of an exclamation mark representing a person giving the Main Quest. Yona An icon representing the location of the Main Quest. Zora's Domain

Mipha's Statue has been moved to Mipha Court on Ploymus Mountain; in its place is a new Statue of Link with Sidon, reflecting their previous confrontation with Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Following the Upheaval, Zora's Domain has been bombarded by seemingly endless streams of Sludge from the Sky, fouling the waters and sickening any Zora exposed to it.


Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

Level 4 of Link's Crossbow Training is specifically seated in the outer waters of Zora's Domain. The stage begins facing a waterfall and has targets falling with the water at various speeds. A few pots can be shot for additional points. In the second area, Link shoots at targets dropping with the waterfall and panning through openings in the mountainside. The stage normally ends in an overhead view of the two waterfalls as the targets again follow the water downwards. The alternative end can be unlocked by getting 1000 points on the Scarecrows from the first two sections. The stage ending scene will take Link above the waterfalls and offer a larger cluster of targets drifting towards him. Many more gold targets are found in this area among the regular and false targets.

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Lake Hylia (Stage)

The frozen Zora's Domain appears as part of the Lake Hylia Stage in Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Zora's Domain is the residence of the Zoras, King Dorephan, Sidon (who is still a child at the time), and Mipha. It is the place where Zelda asks King Dorephan to give permission to Mipha to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta. It is also the battlefield where the Scenario, "Mipha, the Zora Princess" takes place.


  • According to an interview given by Shigeru Miyamoto to Nintendo Power for their 100th issue, an area called "Zola Lake" was planned to be included in Ocarina of Time. This may have been during the phase of development where Zoras were still Enemies, and was instead converted into the more village-like Zora's Domain.[46]
  • Although Zora's Domain does not appear in The Wind Waker, Laruto's Figurine states that she was born there prior to the Great Flood.[47]


Names in Other Regions
  • ゾーラの里 (Zōra no Sato) (OoT | ALBW | BotW)[51][52]
  • ゾーラのさと里 (TotK)
  • Zōra's Village
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
卓拉領地 (Zhuōlā Lǐngdì) (TotK) 
The People's Republic of China
  • 卓拉领地 (Zhuō lā lǐngdì) (OoT)[54]
  • 卓拉领地 (Zhuōlā Lǐngdì) (TotK)
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Zora-paleis (BotW | HWAoC)[60][61]Zora Palace
Domaine des Zoras (ALBW | TotK)[62] 
The French Republic
  • Village zora (ALBW)[53]
  • Domaine Zora (TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Höhle der Zoras (ALBW)[57]
  • Dorf der Zoras (TotK | HWAoC)[58]
The Italian Republic
Villaggio degli Zora (OoT | OoT3D | ALBW | TotK)[48][49][50]Zora's Village
The Republic of Korea
  • 조라의 마을 (Jola-ui Ma-eul) (ALBW)[59]
  • 조라의 마을 (TotK)
  • Zora's Village
Latin America
Región de los zora (ALBW | BotW)[55][56]Region of the Zora
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Región de los Zora (ALBW)[63]
  • Región de los zora (TotK)
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