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The Game Awards 2023 was an award show hosted and produced by Geoff Keighley.[1]


The Game Awards 2023 was an event hosted on December 7, 2023.[1] Following its release in May, Tears of the Kingdom was nominated for several categories, including Game of the Year.[2] Prior to the ceremony, Nintendo released a special trailer for Tears of the Kingdom to promote these nominations.[3]

Eiji Aonuma accepting the award for Best Action/Adventure Game

Series Producer Eiji Aonuma and Tears of the Kingdom Director Hidemaro Fujibayashi were both in attendance, as well as the President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser. Joe Hernandez, the voice actor for Yunobo, was also in the audience.[4] Eiji Aonuma appeared on-stage to accept the Best Action/Adventure award with the Assistant Manager of Product Experience Ethan Stockton, who helped serve as a translator.

Artwork celebrating Tears of the Kingdom winning Best Action/Adventure Game

I'm so glad to be able to be here to accept this award on behalf of everyone who worked together to create this game. Everyone on the development team truly gave their all in making this game the best that it could be. Everyone's unique approach to playing this game can become their own personal story as an adventure through the lands of Hyrule. To all the players, you have my sincere thanks.
Thank you so much!

— Eiji Aonuma accepting the Best Action/Adventure award for Tears of the Kingdom[5]

Prior to the Game of the Year announcement, The Game Awards Orchestra performed "PERF - GOTY Medley v6.03", an ensemble medley of themes from the Game of the Year nominees. This medley included the main theme for Tears of the Kingdom as well as music from Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


The Legend of Zelda Games
Game Category Result
Tears of the Kingdom Best Art Direction Nominated
Tears of the Kingdom Best Score and Music Nominated
Tears of the Kingdom Best Action/Adventure Won
Tears of the Kingdom Best Game Direction Nominated
Tears of the Kingdom Game of the Year Nominated


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Promotional trailer released by Nintendo
The Game Awards 2023
Tears of the Kingdom receiving the Best Action/Adventure award
The Game Awards Orchestra performing

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