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On Zelda Wiki, there are three groups of people that oversee the creation of content, the safety of the community, and the communication between other Zelda fan groups. The Zelda Wiki staff typically operate in the background of most wiki affairs, but we can be found all over working on different tasks. You may see someone with a blue name appear in the Recent Changes log, or you may see an announcement posted on the Discord server. All of these people are part of our staff team and are working to improve the wiki as a whole.

Three groups of staff operate on the wiki:

  • The Wiki Staff oversee the day-to-day operation of the wiki. They are the staff you will see editing on a daily basis. They are responsible for moderating and fixing up edits, banning vandals, answering questions, and generally keeping the wiki running. They don't typically have to write up the content themselves (although some do), but they are responsible for making sure the content that is already there is current and good-quality.
    • Wiki Staff Trainees are administrators in training. They are distinguished from full-fledged admins by the Piece of Heart next to their username (see Becoming an Admin). They have all the same rights as regular administrators, but they do not have the autopatrol role, which means that regular administrators would need to review their edits and "train" them until their edits consistently match the Guidelines.
  • The Partnered Staff are webmasters and staff members of other fansites that are affiliated with Zelda Wiki. Some of these sites include Zelda Universe and NIWA. All of these people can have input on discussions related to the wiki, but not all of these members edit the wiki actively.

All three of these groups have the same power in changing Policy, banning users, and influencing the wiki as any other staff.

Contact the Staff

General questions should be directed in the #wiki-general channel on our Discord server, which administrators monitor regularly. Posting there assures that you will get a timely response from an admin suited to answering your question. There are also more channels under the "Wiki" category that relate to more specific questions, like #graphics which is used for questions regarding image files.

If you have a question regarding a specific staff member, you can also contact them on their talk page if you wish. In the "Contact Info" column of the Wiki Staff table below, a link to each administrator's talk page and their Discord tag is provided.

Current Staff Members

Wiki Staff

This is a list of the complete active staff team for editing and maintaining Zelda Wiki. All of these people have made edits in the past few months and taken part in discussions on the Discord server and can be contacted for help. You may use a specific user's Talk or any other form of communication that they list in order to contact them. All staff members are experts in article maintenance and management, and have experience in writing, curating, and removing content.


UsernameSignatureFields of ExpertiseContact Info
Talk PageDiscord Tag

- Chuck * (Talk)

  • Research
  • Social media
  • Translations (Spanish)


  • Research



  • Graphics



  • Technology
  • Translations (French)



  • Translations (German)


Community Staff

This is a list of the entire active staff team that manages the community and social media of Zelda Wiki.

Discord Moderators

Discord TagWiki Username

Social Media Staff

PlatformUsernameContact Info
Talk Page

Partnered Staff

This is a list of all the people who run or have a position on a website or community that is affiliated with Zelda Wiki, like Zelda Universe for example. All of these people may have input on discussions related to the wiki, but not all of these members edit the wiki. If you wish to contact any of these people, it is best to do so from their own groups.

Partnered Staff

Group Group Account Wiki Account Other Contact Info
Niwalogo.png Cody CodyDaviesTV Talk Page
Discord: magicody
Justin Folvarcik Justin Folvarcik Talk Page
Discord: justinfolvarcik
Zelda Universe Logo 2.svg Cody CodyDaviesTV Talk Page
Discord: magicody
GoldenChaos GoldenChaos Talk Page
Discord: goldenchaos
Shona Shona3212 Talk Page
Joshua Yumil1988 Discord: watcherjoshua
GlitterBerri Banner.png GlitterBerri GlitterBerri Discord: glitterberri

About Staff Membership

The staff represent Zelda Wiki as an organization and act in what they believe to be the site's best interests. They speak and act on behalf of the wiki's user base, especially its readership which does not have much of a voice on the wiki itself. The staff has a decisive influence on discussions about the content of the site (e.g. policy changes, merge and split discussions, and so on). Administrators in particular will lead many of these discussions. However, the staff does not have ultimate authority. At Zelda Wiki, the majority of decisions are made by consensus. All users have an equal say in the Discord server and on talk pages. The staff will only step in and make the final decision in situations where no consensus is being reached. That said, there are certain issues which must be handled by staff only. These include server administration, bans, promotions, demotions, page protections, and the enforcement of the Code of Conduct. Staff members reserve the right to make final decisions regarding these issues, though they will certainly consider other editors' concerns. The primary goal of every staff member is to ensure a safe and easily accessible platform for all readers and editors because, at the end of the day, that's what the wiki is all about.

In the modern era of Zelda Wiki, staff members all start out as regular users on the site. Any Zelda Wiki user can become a staff member given the right conditions. See Becoming an Admin below for more details.

Admin Roles

Administrators are trusted users who help the wiki in more than just editing articles. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Patrolling, i.e. quality control.
  • Leading the site's editor base and coaching new users.
  • Working with editors to create, amend, and implement policies.
  • Enacting said policies and enforcing the Code of Conduct.
  • Combating vandals and spambots.
  • Performing general site maintenance.

Admins are granted special rights to execute their tasks. These include deletion, page protection, banning, access to wiki analytics, and more.

Becoming an Admin

Users can be asked to join the staff team after being noticed by the staff. Staff frequently moderate the Recent Changes, and any user whose contributions consistently meet the Quality Standards will be asked to join the staff team as a Wiki Trainee. While the user is under trainee status, admins will teach the user how and when to use their new tools appropriately, as well as make sure that all of the user's edits have no consistent mistakes. Once the trainee makes consistent edits with few or no mistakes, shows that they know how to use their tools effectively and appropriately, and demonstrates an ability to work with others by participating in wiki discussions, they will be offered the Autopatrol role.

Retired Staff

Retired Wiki Staff

The following is a list of former Wiki Staff members; all of them have been recognized for their role in shaping the wiki by a permanent lavender color highlight on their usernames. Retired staff do not keep their administrative rights, but most retired staff can ask to be retrained and retake their role as an admin if they so wish. All users will be listed here, even if they have been banned for previous actions.

The staff was formerly divided into three groups: patrollers, admins (also known as sysops), and bureaucrats, each with their own rights. Under the mastermind system, trusted editors were given the patroller role which allowed them to review other's edits; experienced editors would be given the administrator role, which gave them more rights than standard patrollers; bureaucrats, also known as masterminds, were given full administrative rights and were always currently or previously webmasters of other Zelda fan sites, and the masterminds were the head team of the wiki who wrote and enforced the rules, created new quality standard policies, and oversaw the wiki in its entirety. In 2014, this system was scrapped. Bureaucrats (masterminds) were renamed to executives, the patroller role was removed as all staff members were given full administrative rights, and a single editor was appointed Wiki Director, who ran most events in the wiki community and organized most projects. This was once again changed on August 22, 2021, when these two groups (administrators and executives) merged into a single group of "Wiki Staff" while still retaining a Wiki Director, removing the position of executive. Because of this, many retired Wiki Staff are listed under the old title of wiki executive, bureaucrat (or mastermind), or administrator because they were members of the staff team before the change.

Furthermore, some people will have a second account link tied to their profile labeled (Zeldapedia). This is because the person originally had an account on Zeldapedia, a different Zelda encyclopedia that merged into Zelda Wiki on June 15, 2019. During this transition, all active Zeldapedia staff members were given administrative rights on Zelda Wiki. Zeldapedia is now kept as an archive and old accounts are linked to it in order to preserve history. People listed under the "Zeldapedia" category were only ever members of the staff team on Zeldapedia, and members in "Zelda Wiki & Zeldapedia" were staff on both Zeldapedia and Zelda Wiki before and after the merge.

On Zeldapedia, there were three types of wiki staff: rollbackers, administrators, and bureaucrats. Rollbackers were simply trusted editors that were given the rollback feature; administrators worked like Wiki Staff and moderated the site; bureaucrats oversaw the whole site and handled user rights, including the promotion of administrators. The occupations of each of these retired staff members are listed under their roles while they were active on Zeldapedia, in order to preserve history.

Retired Wiki Staff
Former Group Username Signature Former Occupation
ZW Logo White.png 52katie -52katie (Talk) Wiki Staff
Abdullah5599 (Formerly "Minion") — Abdullah [T] [C] [S]  Bureaucrat
Adam660 Adam [ talk ] Administrator
Ando1400 Ando (talk) Administrator
Aranok Aranok (talk) Patroller
AstroNinja AstroNinja (talk) Wiki Staff
Axiomist1875 Axiomist (talk) Administrator
AzelleAx AzelleAx (talk) Wiki Staff
Barquero13095 --Barquero (talk) Administrator
Bob23 Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of the Hylian Help Desk)
Chrono Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of The Zelda Chronicles)
Cipriano — ciprianotalk Wiki Staff
CircleHunter (Formerly "Captain Desdinova") Administrator
CodyDaviesTV - Cody (talk) Wiki Staff
Dany36 -- Dany36 (talk) Administrator
Embyr 75 Embyr 75  --Talk-- Patroller
Emma Emma (Talk) Administrator
EzloSpirit User:EzloSpirit/sig Administrator
Fury Three - F3 Bureaucrat (Webmaster of HTLoZ II)
JohnGames91 Sysop
JumbledLimes – JumbledLimes (talk/contribs) Wiki Staff
K2L3798 K2L (Interrogatory) Patroller
KokoroSenshi KokoroSenshi (talk | contribs) Administrator
Lars3 Lars Bureaucrat (Co-founder)
Leminnes -Leminnes Sysop (Co-founder)
Link Lab Link Lab (Talk) Executive
Lord-of-shadow (lord-of-shadow) Sysop
Lozzie Lozzie Bureaucrat (Co-founder)
Mandi2517 Mandi Talk Administrator
MannedTooth MannedTooth (talk) Wiki Staff
Mases554 Mases Bureaucrat (Webmaster of Zelda Dungeon)
Melchizedek1866 - M E L C H I Z E D E K  (TALK) Administrator
MelonSpeedruns Administrator
Mr. Wiggles Bureaucrat (Webmaster of Zelda Central)
Midoro Midoro (talk) Administrator
Nox16 Sysop
Owl13 Sysop
Pixel -Pixel TC Executive
PPLToast --PPLToast (talk) Administrator
Scott26 -Scott Bureaucrat
SearanoX Sysop
SnorlaxMonster --SnorlaxMonster Administrator
The Forbidden One Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of The Forbidden One)
Thewindmaker Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of Just Zelda)
Toby --Toby Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of Zelda World and 5 Rupees)
Vaati the Wind Demon --Vaati The Wind Demon (talk) Administrator
Wielder of the Sword Sysop
Xizor1429 Xizor Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of LegendOfZelda.com)
Yami Co-Founder
Yumil1988 (Formerly "Joshua" and "Sheik-Yumil1988") --Joshua (Yumil) (talk) Bureaucrat (Former webmaster of The Temple of Time)
ZW Logo White.png
Zeldapedia Logo.png
Ceiling Master (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Tirlby (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Tirlby (talk)
Tirlby (talk)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Greenrupee (Zeldapedia)
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Zelda WikiZeldapedia
Wiki Staff
Zeldapedia Logo.png Altar (Zeldapedia) --Altar Administrator
AuronKaizer (Zeldapedia) --AuronKaizer! Administrator
Baltro (Zeldapedia) Baltro [ talk · edits ] Administrator
Bek The Conqueror (Zeldapedia) --Bek (talk) Administrator
Birdman5589 (Zeldapedia) --Birdman5589 (talk) Rollbacker
Ccbermanzzpedia (Zeldapedia) -- C2 / CC Administrator
Champion Kai (Zeldapedia) Champion Kai (talk) Founder
Darknut15 (Zeldapedia) (Darknut15 (talk) Rollbacker
DjMack (Zeldapedia) DjMackmy talk Administrator
Emem123292 (Zeldapedia) ~emem123292 Rollbacker
EveryDayJoe45 (Zeldapedia) --EveryDayJoe45 (talk) Administrator
Eyewarp (AKA "Sir Real") (Zeldapedia) Sir Real (talk) Rollbacker
Fierce Deku (Zeldapedia) --FierceDeku Rollbacker
Fused Shadow (Zeldapedia) Fused Shadow Administrator
Happyjoe5 (Zeldapedia) Happyjoe5 Administrator
Hero of Time 87 (Zeldapedia) Hero of Time 87 Administrator
Hero of Wisdom (Zeldapedia) -- King Rage Administrator
Hylianhobbit (Zeldapedia) HH Hylianhobbit Signature.gif Rollbacker
Isdrakthül (Zeldapedia) Isdrakthül Rollbacker
Jedimasterlink (Zeldapedia) Jedimasterlink (talk) Administrator
LadyNorbert (Zeldapedia) LadyNorbert Administrator
Lessthan1337 (Zeldapedia) (_esstha(\)1337 Rollbacker
Lisa URAQT (Zeldapedia) --Lisa URAQT Rollbacker
Lord link (Zeldapedia) --Lord linkHoo-rah! Administrator
MaloMart (Zeldapedia) --MaloMart (talk) Rollbacker
McGillivray227 (Zeldapedia) McGillivray227 Administrator
McJeff (Zeldapedia) Jeff (talk·stalk) Rollbacker
Midnaslave (Zeldapedia) midnaslave Administrator
Minish Link (Zeldapedia) ~Minish (talk) Administrator
Moblin slayer (Zeldapedia) --Moblin SlayerOoT Bongo Bongo Artwork.png Rollbacker
Mr kmil (Zeldapedia) Mr kmil Mr kmil Signature.gif Administrator
Murchadah (Zeldapedia) Murchadah Administrator
Naftaliash827 (Zeldapedia) --Naftaliash827 Administrator
Oath to Order (Zeldapedia) Administrator
Oldschoolzeldafan (Zeldapedia) --OldSchoolZeldaFan (talk) Administrator
Oni Dark Link (Zeldapedia) Oni Dark Link Bureaurcrat
Power courage wisdom and time (Zeldapedia) --Power courage wisdom and time (talk) Administrator
Redeadhunter (Zeldapedia) --RedeadhunterRedeadhunter Signature.pngContributions Edits Rollbacker
Richard1990 (Zeldapedia) --Richardtalk Administrator
Scathee (Formerly "Uber Phoeb") (Zeldapedia) ScatheeALttP Link Sprite.png Administrator
Shiram-Ludgerus33 (Zeldapedia)  ShiramLudgerusээ HW Fi Render.png Rollbacker
ShutUpNavi (Zeldapedia) ShutUpNaviTalk to me! Administrator
Solar flute (Zeldapedia) Solar flute (talk) Rollbacker
Thai420 (Zeldapedia) Thai420Talk to me! Administrator
TheNewSheik (Zeldapedia) TheNewSheik Rollbacker
The Midna (Zeldapedia) TheTM Administrator
Triforce 14 (Zeldapedia) Triforce 14Triforce14 Signature.png Administrator
WiseAdventurer (Zeldapedia) WiseAdventurer (talk) Rollbacker
XXXXX (Zeldapedia) --XXXXX Talk to me OR ELSE! Administrator
Xykeb Zraliv (Zeldapedia) Xykeb Yvolix Zraliv Administrator

Retired Community Staff

This list contains all former Community Staff members. These people used to help run the wiki's Discord server and social media, but generally did not directly contribute by editing the wiki. Because of this, some people may be listed under both Retired Wiki Staff and Retired Community Staff in the event that they were a part of both teams.

Prior to August 22, 2021, Discord moderators were split into two groups: Server Moderators and Server Executives. However, these two groups have been merged into one group of Discord moderators under Community Staff. Because of this, some retired Discord staff are listed under the old titles of Server Moderator and Server Executive because of their roles at the time that they were moderators.

Retired Discord White Logo.svg Moderators
Discord Tag Wiki Account Former Occupation
Ceiling Master#2683 (Zeldapedia) Ceiling Master Community Staff
Green Rupee#1824 Greenrupee (Zeldapedia) Server Executive
Freak of Nature#3931 N/A (Zeldapedia) Server Executive
Phem See Grimm#3372 Community Staff
Somothunder (Deleted Account) Server Executive
Sparkles#2003 Community Staff