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'86 - '93 Zelda enthusiast

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Real Name Reggie
Location Canada
Joined November 11, 2008
Rank Retired Admin
Favorite Game Link's Awakening

I am Midoro. That is all.

Games Played

Game Played Completed
The Legend of Zelda Yes Yes
The Adventure of Link Yes Yes
A Link to the Past Yes Yes
Link's Awakening Yes Yes
Ocarina of Time Yes Yes
Majora's Mask Yes Yes (MM3D)
Oracle of Ages Yes Yes
Oracle of Seasons Yes Yes
Four Swords Yes (FSAE) Yes
The Wind Waker Yes Yes
Four Swords Adventures Yes No
The Minish Cap Yes Yes
Twilight Princess Yes Yes
Phantom Hourglass Yes Yes
Spirit Tracks Yes No
Skyward Sword Yes No
A Link Between Worlds Yes Yes
Tri Force Heroes Yes Yes
Link's Crossbow Training No No
Hyrule Warriors Yes Yes


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