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Featured Articles are pages that display an exceptional level of quality in their coverage and presentation. There are four stages in an article's development to becoming a Featured Article, with each one meeting a specific threshold that identifies what the article has and what it needs in order to be recognized as complete.

Stages of Article Completion

Stage 0: Unclassified Article

Articles must be nominated and reviewed in order to advance to a stage of recognized completion. Because of this, some articles lack any formal recognition for quality and remain unclassified. The ultimate goal of all articles is to develop them to a reasonable and attainable level of completion, and so unclassified articles are subject to review. If you see an article that lacks classification, please consider creating a section on its talk page to discuss it and how it can be improved.

Stage 1: Basic Article

Basic articles are pages which meet the minimum acceptable quality for articles.

Stage 2: Intermediate Article

An intermediate article is a page that contains general information on its subject.

Stage 3: Advanced Article

An advanced article is a page that contains thorough information on its subject. Its contributors have conducted research and provided a thoughtful analysis of the page's subject in accordance with the Guidelines.

Stage 4: Featured Article

Featured Articles are pages that have been deemed to be effectively complete and likely are not missing information to help and inform readers of the subject within. The criteria for Featured Articles are usually broad and do not need specification based on article type.

Formerly Featured Articles

If an article's subject appears in a new release, its status should be reevaluated corresponding to its coverage in the latest release. When a Featured Article's status changes because of this, it should be marked as "Formerly Featured" and a discussion should be started on its talk page to establish what the article needs in light of the new release.

Featured Article Criteria

  • All claims are cited if possible
  • All necessary images are present
  • All terminology and links are encased within the Term and Plural templates

All Featured Articles should be proud examples of our collective skill and contributions. They do not need to be perfect, though nominations for Featured Articles should ideally exhaust any ideas for what the pages could have in order to be more complete. If an article was written before October 19, 2022, it should have its body content rewritten.

List of Featured Articles