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This is an Intermediate Article, it contains general details but lacks specifics. You can help by expanding this article. Intermediate Article

Intermediate Articles are pages that contain basic information on their subjects in accordance with the Guidelines. Intermediate Articles are considered one stage above Basic Articles, but are not quite Advanced Articles.

Intermediate Article Criteria

Different types of articles need different forms of attention given to them. Sections for different article types are provided below. For how to improve an Intermediate Article, please see Zelda Wiki:Advanced Articles. If you think an article has been mislabeled or is no longer correct, please bring it up on its talk page.


  • Information on who the character is
  • Information on where the character appears
  • Basic information on what the character does


  • Information on what the enemy is
  • Basic information on how the enemy damages or hinders the player
  • Basic information on what the enemy is weak to


  • Information on where a location is in relation to the world
  • Information on who and what are in that location


  • Information on what it is
  • Basic information on where it can be found
  • Basic information on how it can be used


  • Information on what the song is associated with
  • Information on where the song can be learned (if applicable)
  • Information on what the song can do when played (if applicable)

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