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The Chambers of Insight are a Stage in Four Swords.[1]

Entrance to the Chambers

The Chambers of Insight can be selected from the Stage-Selection Screen at any time and have no prerequisite conditions. The entrance is marked by a domed yellow structure on an island in southeastern Hyrule.

Themes and Navigation

The Chambers of Insight are a set of optional tutorial levels for learning various game mechanics and practicing the usage of items. Stray Fairies scattered about the levels provide the Links with guidance and advice.[2] The main chamber is comprised of multiple Warp Zones that lead to levels focusing on certain mechanics or items.[3]

The first set of Warp Zones lead to a level teaching basic mechanics including Rupees, Switches, Blocks, and Platforms.[4][5] It also features Rupee Shard, Mystical Seeds, color-coded floor tiles, Whirlpools, and different types of Water.[6][7][8] Mechanics that involve more than one Link are introduced, including Big Blocks, Four-Directional Platforms, destructible stone barriers, and striking swords to light Torches.[9][10]

The second set of Warp Zones lead to a level instructing how to lift large Rocks, other Links, certain Enemies, and blue Crystals.[11][12] It also introduces Enemies that require two Links to defeat, namely Hikkun and Nokkun.[13]

Warp Zones for the Bow, Pegasus Shoes, Boomerang, Roc's Cape, and Magnetic Glove wrap around the room's perimeter. They introduce item-specific mechanics and objects such as Eyeball Switches for Bows, Cracked Walls for Bombs, and gates for the Roc's Cape.[14][15]

A central group of Warp Zones marked with a question mark lead to a "final test" comprised of two levels. It combines several of the mechanics previously learned and culminates in a fight with an Ice Wizzrobe.[16] The Chambers of Insight can be exited by using the southernmost set of Warp Zones.[17]


Minor Enemies and Traps


  • The Chambers of Insight symbol found on Warp Zones resembles the head of a bird or a Jabber Nut from The Minish Cap.
  • The Chambers of Insight are the only Stage in which the Links can use Warp Zones to travel back to previous levels.
  • The instruction manual contains a screenshot of the Stage-Selection Screen which reads "Caves of Insight".[citation needed]


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The Italian Republic
Antri del sapere (FS)[18]Lairs of knowledge
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