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Inside Hyrule Castle is a Dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. Link must access the top half of Hyrule Castle in order to chase Yuga who plans to capture Zelda. The first portal to Lorule is located on the top floor. The Master Sword is required to access the Castle, and its boss is Yuga.

Entrance to the Castle

Yuga goes into Hyrule Castle to capture Zelda and take her to Lorule to revive Ganon. To follow him, Link must use the Master Sword to break the magic Barrier around the castle.[1] Because the Master Sword is essential to entering the castle, Link must also have acquired the three {{Term|ALBW|Pendants of Virtue|link} in order to get the sword.

Themes and Navigation

The inside of Hyrule Castle is full of monsters summoned by Yuga. Most of the lower castle floors can be traversed by defeating all the Enemies in each room to unlock the next door. The upper floors have enemies, but no door unlocking requirement. While there are a few Treasure Chests containing Rupees in Hyrule Castle, this Dungeon has no Small Keys or even a Big Key.

Upon entering the room where Zelda is held captive, Link realizes he is too late to save her as Yuga turns her into a Painting. Yuga then heads to the top of the castle where Link battles him. Upon losing, Yuga retreats to Zelda's room with seemingly nowhere to go. As Link enters, he finds that Yuga has escaped Hyrule through a strange crack in a wall, which is actually a portal to Lorule. This is the first time Link enters the parallel world.

Enemies and Traps


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
ハイラル城内部 (Hairaru Jō Naibu)[3]Inside Hyrule Castle
Château d'Hyrule 
The French Republic
Château d'Hyrule[5] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Schloss Hyrule[4] 
The Italian Republic
Nel Castello di Hyrule[2]In Hyrule Castle
Latin America
Castillo de Hyrule[6] 
The Kingdom of Spain
En el Castillo de Hyrule[7] 
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